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salon-exposition - E3 2017 : Our Hunting Simulator by bigben and neopica’s review

  • Par Novias, Los angeles, le 14 juin 2017

    In Hunting Simulator, total immersion is guaranteed thanks to environments with breath-taking graphics and animals with ultra-realistic behaviour. With its different game modes and hundreds of objectives to complete, there is always a hunting adventure ahead. Hunting Simulator offers the most complete hunting experience on consoles. Over 35 animal species living in their natural ecosystems 12 vast hunting zones based on actual regions around the world. Dozens of weapons (rifle, bow, crossbow…) and accessories (decoys, lures, wind powder…). 4 game modes: A campaign with more than 100 missions, waterfowl hunting, free hunting so you can progress at your own pace and a trap-ball mode so you can improve your shooting skills. Co-operative multiplayer missions with three...

Jeux-Video - E3 : Dead Alliance, this is so good to kill some Zombies

  • Par Mulder, Los angeles, le 14 juin 2017

    We had an opportunity to play Dead Alliance at E3 this past week and are excited for it to be released to Xbox One, and Playstation 4 on August 29th, 2017. Each year at E3 hundreds of new games are showcased that are in pre-alpha all the way up to a completed and already released products. Dead Alliance will be released in a few months, but what we were able to see in both the visual graphics, sound and game play puts this game at the front of the list of new games that you need to keep an eye on. insert picture 3 The story is set fifty years after a Zombie Apocalypse where former military bases have risen to prominence as the only surviving city-states. For those who live in the wasteland between these grounds, the only hope for a better life is to earn...

salon-exposition - E3 and what to expect

  • Par Novias, Los angeles, le 13 juin 2017

    This is the first year that E3 is allowing the general public to enter allowing 15,000 additional bodies into an already crowded event. About 50,000 professionals show up each year and more than that showed up this year filling up the LA Coliseum and surrounding hotels to the busting point. Additional venues that have events going on are the Novo, the Hilton, Marriott, and Luxe Hotels. Many of the vendors also have events in their suites and there were some late night top of the roof pool parties each night including the each day before E3 started this Tuesday June 13th if you are so lucky as to be invited or brought along as a friend. The way to survive E3 is to plan, plan, plan especially if you do not want to wait in long lines, and then to be willing to change your plans...

Entretiens - Interview Michael Kramer’s Lego Star Wars The Freemaker Adventures

  • Par Mulder, Los Angeles, le 9 juin 2017

    "Anyone who's grown up with LEGOs knows the thrill of disassembling a set to create something entirely new from the same pieces. The music of 'LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures' does exactly this. It draws from the same familiar building blocks forged by John Williams: the indelible epic themes, the operatic drama of the orchestra, the fearsome brassy fanfares, and the quirky character music that brings so much humanity to the void of space. By combining these elements in an exciting new configuration, the Freemaker score breaks new ground, yet still captures the intangible heart of Star Wars. " – Michael Kramer Q: What can you tell us about your background? Michael Kramer : I grew up studying classical piano and playing in...

produits-derives - Cars : Decouvrez une large gamme de produits derives

  • Par Mulder, Paris, le 8 juin 2017

    A l'occasion de la sortie du film CARS 3 prochainement, découvrez une sélection de produits OUTDOOR pour préparer l'été et une gamme de produits BACK TO SCHOOL pour être d'attaque à la rentrée ! Pour marquer des points en classe Découvrez toute une gamme de produits (cahier spirale avec ongler, pot à crayon, boite à points, chemise à rabat, classeur dos 40mm, fourre-tout rond PVC, bloc note 3D+stylo, montre, stylo lumineux, parapluie racing’s cup) parfaits pour accompagner vos enfants à la rentrée des écoles. Pour cette rentrée, on conseille aussi toute une large palette de sac à dos aux couleurs de vos...