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DisneyPlus - Muppets Now : notre critique du premier épisode

  • 31.07.2020

    “So we've been toldAnd some choose to believe itI know they're wrong, wait and seeSome day we'll find itThe rainbow connectionThe lovers, the dreamers, and me” – Rainbow Connection, Kermit the Frog Muppets Now est une série télévisée comique américaine produite par The Muppets Studio. Réalisée par Kirk Thatcher, la série est une comédie de situation improvisée basée sur la franchise The Muppets de Jim Henson. Muppets Now est la première série originale du Muppets Studio pour Disney+. Au cours de la saison de six épisodes, Scooter se précipite pour respecter ses délais de livraison et...

Netflix - Umbrella Academy Saison 2 : Focus sur Ken Hall

  • 31.07.2020

    Vu par plus de 45 millions de foyers, l'humoriste canadien accompli Ken Hall revient à la saison 2 très attendue de la série à succès de Netflix, "The Umbrella Academy", qui sera diffusée en direct le vendredi 31 juillet. Ken reprend son rôle de commissaire Herb"et revient également pour un flash-back dans lequel il présente le travail de capture de mouvement incarnant le corps du soignant de la famille/chimpanzé Pogo, la création de Sir Reginald Hargreaves, un industriel milliardaire qui a transformé Pogo d'un chimpanzé ordinaire à un chimpanzé marchant debout, très intelligent et raffiné. Pogo est une partie intégrante de la famille et s'efforce de...

Movies - Honest Thief : Discover the trailer

  • 30.07.2020

    Honest Thief is an upcoming 2020 American action thriller film directed by Mark Williams, from a screenplay by Williams and Steve Allrich. It stars Liam Neeson Kate Walsh, Robert Patrick, Anthony Ramos, Jeffrey Donovan and Jai Courtney. Honest Thief is scheduled to be released on October 9, 2020, by Briarcliff Entertainment and Open Road Films. In January 2020, Briarcliff Entertainment acquired distribution rights to the film. In June 2020, it was announced Open Road Films would co-distribute the film with Briarcliff. It is scheduled to be released on October 9, 2020. Synopsis : An aging bank robber tries to turn himself in because he's falling in love and wants to live an honest life. But when he realizes the Feds are more corrupt than he...

Festivals - Fantasia 2020 : Kriya, discover the trailer

  • 30.07.2020

    “ As an independent filmmaker who directs from his own original material, I have always felt more comfortable being an outlier. My rather irrational desire for originality, to make films that are atypical and uncategorizable, inevitably steers me towards genre. For it is the fantastique that enables one to fearlessly open closed doors and peer behind forbidden facades, thereby revealing one’s deepest fears and anxieties.Kriya, like my past work, was born out of an acutely personal reaction to what was happening in my country, where Hindu fundamentalism and chauvinistic religious persecution were ripping India apart.” - Sidharth Srinivasan From writer/director Sidharth Srinivasan of Reel Illusion Films (Soul of Sand), and producers Tejash Shah of Accord Equips...

Toys - Neca - Friday the 13th - Ultimate Part 7 (New Blood) Jason

  • 30.07.2020

    From the Friday the 13th franchise, we are happy to announce the definitive collector’s version of Jason as he appeared in Part 7 will be back in Ultimate form. This articulated 7” scale action figure includes two interchangeable heads and is loaded with accessories. (Window box packaging). Shipping Date: December 2020 Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood is a 1988 American slasher film directed by John Carl Buechler and starring Lar Park Lincoln, Kevin Blair, Susan Blu, Terry Kiser, and Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees, a role he would continue in for three subsequent films. It is the seventh installment in the Friday the 13th film series. The film follows a psychokinetic teenage girl who inadvertently unleashes Jason from his grave in Crystal Lake,...