Monkey man

Monkey man
Original title:Monkey man
Director:Dev Patel
Running time:121 minutes
Release date:05 april 2024
In India, a young man is released from prison. He finds himself in a world of corporate greed and the erosion of spiritual values.

Mulder's Review

Set in a bustling city that reflects Mumbai's vibrant chaos and glaring inequalities, Dev Patel's "Monkey Ma" unfolds - a captivating tale steeped in revenge, socio-political critique and mythological grandeur. The film marks Dev Patel's bold foray into directing, establishing his prowess as a multi-faceted artist and challenging the contours of action cinema.

Monkey Man is fundamentally a story of loss, anguish and the relentless quest for justice. Dev Patel plays the enigmatic protagonist, known only as Kid, whose quiet life is shattered by the brutal actions of Rana Singh (Sikandar Kher), a corrupt police chief acting under the authority of the ominous political figure Baba Shakti (Makarand Deshpande). This tragedy sets Kid on a path of personal vengeance and symbolic resonance, as he dons a monkey mask inspired by the Hindu deity Hanuman, who embodies resilience, strength and divine wrath.

The film is distinguished by meticulously designed action sequences that pay homage to the genre while breaking new ground. Masterfully choreographed by Brahim Chab, the action oscillates between bone-crunching brutal realism and stylized elegance reminiscent of martial arts legends. Sharone Meir's images capture the raw energy and fluid movements, plunging the audience straight into the heart of the turmoil. These fight scenes are not mere spectacles of violence, but are imbued with narrative depth, reflecting Kid's internal struggle and the broader theme of resistance against oppressive forces.

In a role that demands both physical rigor and emotional nuance, Dev Patel delivers a transformative performance. His interpretation of Kid is complex, oscillating between vulnerability and ferocity, adding fascinating depth to the saga of revenge. The supporting cast, especially Vipin Sharma and Sharlto Copley, enrich the story with their complexity and humanity, reinforcing the film's commitment to its themes.

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Monkey Man is its unabashed engagement with the socio-political realities of contemporary India. By depicting corruption, social stratification and the resilience of marginalized communities, the film offers a scathing critique of the systemic injustices that permeate society. It is here that director Patel's vision shines brightest, weaving a narrative that is as much about personal vengeance as it is about collective uprising and social change.

Monkey Man is a testament to Dev Patel's ambition and artistic vision. It transcends conventional boundaries, blending thrilling action with a poignant exploration of universal themes. This film is not only an action-packed cinematic experience, but also a story rich in cultural significance and a call to introspection about the world we live in. Monkey Man undeniably testifies to the arrival of a new voice in cinema that commands attention and respect, promising a future that defies expectations and challenges convention. This bold statement of Dev Patel's prowess as a storyteller and filmmaker is without doubt a true cinematic achievement.

Monkey Man
Directed by Dev Patel
Written by Dev Patel, Paul Angunawela, John Collee
Story by Dev Patel
Produced by Dev Patel, Jomon Thomas, Jordan Peele, Win Rosenfeld, Ian Cooper, Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee, Christine Haebler, Anjay Nagpal
Starring Dev Patel, Sharlto Copley, Pitobash, Vipin Sharma, Sikandar Kher, Adithi Kalkunte, Sobhita Dhulipala, Ashwini Kalsekar, Makarand Deshpande, Jatin Malik, Zakir Hussain
Cinematography : Sharone Meir
Edited by Dávid Jancsó, Tim Murrell
Music by Jed Kurzel
Production companies: Universal Pictures, Bron Studios, Thunder Road Films, Monkeypaw Productions, Minor Realm, S'YA Concept, WME Independent, Creative Wealth Media
Distributed by Universal Pictures (United States), Universal Pictures International France (France)
Release dates : March 11, 2024 (SXSW), April 5, 2024 (United States), April 17,2024 (France)
Running time : 121 minutes

Seen on April 17, 2024 at Gaumont Disney Village, Room 14 seat A19

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