The villa 2

The villa 2
Original title:Maison de retraite 2
Director:Claude Zidi Jr
Running time:102 minutes
Release date:Not communicated
When the Lino Vartan home - which takes in young orphans and senior citizens - has to close for health reasons, Milann has no choice but to accept an invitation from a retirement home in the South of France that is hosting them for the summer. Everyone boards Alban's bus. Children and elders discover the Bel Azur Club, an idyllic villa by the sea: a dream come true! A godsend for these orphaned kids who've never had a vacation... But paradise turns to hell, as old and new residents of the 3rd age hate each other! The seniors' war is declared!

Mulder's Review

The villa 2 stands out as a successful film, with its delightful blend of humor, heart and a touch of unexpected charm. Released on Valentine's Day, February 14, this film, co-written and starring Kev Adams, welcomes a second cast member destined for cult status in the person of Jean Reno, adding another dimension of humor and tenderness to the lives of elderly people in retirement homes.

In terms of script, the film deals with the closure of the Lino Vartan home, prompting the characters to temporarily relocate to the Bel Azur Club in the south of France. The clash between old and new residents triggers a generation war, creating moments of hilarity and chaos. However, the story takes a heartwarming turn as the characters unite in a collective effort, highlighting themes of collaboration, mutual support, and intergenerational bonds.

The narrative unfolds with a threat looming over a retirement home, creating the conditions for a series of events that will take its residents on a journey of laughter, camaraderie and self-discovery. In a break with the norm, the communal space is transformed into an improvised cinema, a symbolic gesture reminiscent of the film's central theme: intergenerational connection. It's a tribute to the shared enjoyment of cinema, a space where children and the elderly find common ground.

Kev Adams, reprising his role, plays a key role in the film's success, embodying the bridging of generational gaps in the plot. His character, Milann, orchestrates the residents' move to a retirement home in the south of France, introducing a clash of cultures and personalities that forms the core of the comic elements. The film capitalizes on the chemistry between seasoned veterans such as Chantal Ladesou and the brilliant Jean Reno, whose portrayal of a wily, fame-seeking elder steals the show.

The humor in Maison de Retraite is inspired by retirement comedies, incorporating playful banter and elements of regressive humor, such as Nerf gun duels and mischievous exchanges of insults between residents. Masterful comic timing and performances, particularly by Jean Reno, enrich these moments, providing an entertaining and captivating experience for the audience.

Despite similarities with its predecessor, The villa 2 introduces two distinctive features. The first is a surprising second-half plot, reminiscent of an Ocean's Eleven heist, mixed with elements borrowed from The Lady's Game. Although the execution may lack cinematic genius, it breathes new energy into the film. The second unique feature is Kev Adams' role as cinematic master of ceremonies, orchestrating the chaos, passing the comic baton, and ensuring the collective fun, resembling a modern-day Monsieur Loyal.

The villa 2 may follow a familiar formula, but its humor, heart and unexpected twists all contribute to an enjoyable cinematic experience. Kev Adams, alongside director Claude Zidi Jr. has created a film that, while not revolutionizing the genre, successfully continues the spirit of its predecessor, offering a delightful mix of laughs and heartwarming moments that resonate with audiences of all ages.

The villa 2
Directed by Claude Zidi Jr
Produced by Élisa Soussan
Written by Kev Adams, Élodie Hesme
Starring Kev Adams, Jean Reno, Daniel Prévost, Liliane Rovère, Firmine Richard, Michel Jonasz, Enrico Macias , Amanda Lear, Chantal Ladesou, Jarry, Brahim Bouhlel, Stéphane Debac, Louna Espinosa, Anne Marivin, Marie-Christine Barrault, Gérard Depardieu
Music by Julien Cohen, Claude Morgan
Cinematography : Thierry Pouget
Edited by Sandro Lavezzi
Production companies: My Family, The Man France, TF1, Apollo Films
Distributed by Apollo Films (France)
Release date : February 14 ,2024 (France)
Running time : 102 minutes

Seen February 13, 2024 at Grand Rex

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