Inspector Sun and the Black Widow Curse

Inspector Sun and the Black Widow Curse
Original title:Inspector Sun y la maldición de la viuda negra
Director:Julio Soto Gúrpide
Running time:88 minutes
Release date:27 october 2023
Inspector Sun, the famous spider detective, boards a seaplane for San Francisco after finally capturing his sworn enemy, the Red Cricket. During the flight, the murder of Dr. Bugsy Epinestone leads him into a new investigation at the heart of a conspiracy that threatens both the human and insect worlds.

Mulder's Review

Inspector Sun and the Black Widow's Curse ventures into the realm of animated mysteries, attempting to breathe new life into the classic detective genre while meeting the challenges of contemporary storytelling. Set against the backdrop of the insect world, the film introduces viewers to Inspector Sun, a spider detective who tends to stumble through her investigations with endearing clumsiness.

The screenplay, written by Rocco Pucillo, weaves a narrative reminiscent of the detective adventures of yesteryear. The film pays homage to the old serial tales, with their villains, charismatic detectives and mysterious femmes fatales. The decision to set the story in the world of insects adds a whimsical touch, allowing for creative reinterpretations of classic detective tropes. Inspector Sun, despite his clumsy nature, emerges as a sympathetic protagonist, accompanied by his energetic jumping spider assistant, Janey.

The quality of the animation, while not reaching the heights of industry giants such as Disney or DreamWorks, holds its own and offers an appealing visual experience. The insects come to life with a level of detail that testifies to the filmmakers' commitment to creating a captivating world. The 1930s setting, with its period design and elegant aesthetic, adds an extra layer of nostalgia for adult audiences, creating a film that bridges generations.

The English voice cast, with Ronny Chieng as Inspector Sun, delivers performances that complement the film's tone. Although not an outstanding ensemble, the cast brings the characters to life, contributing to the overall charm of the production. The film's soundtrack, echoing the jazz-infused era it seeks to evoke, further enhances the immersive experience.

However, Inspector Sun and the Black Widow's Curse is not without its faults. The narrative is rushed, with the resolution of the murder mystery arriving prematurely. This departure from the traditional pace of detective stories can leave audiences wanting more in terms of construction and suspense. The attempt to balance mature themes with a children's film format also raises questions about the film's target audience, as it sometimes veers towards inconsistencies of tone.

Inspector Sun and the Black Widow's Curse manages to strike a chord with its intended audience. The blend of old-school detective charm and modern animated storytelling creates a delightful experience for children and offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane for adults. While not quite perfect, the film's merits outweigh its flaws, making it a worthwhile addition to the animated mystery genre.

Inspector Sun and the Black Widow's Curse is a testament to the enduring appeal of detective stories, and shows the innovative potential of animated cinema. While not universally acclaimed, it succeeds in delivering an entertaining and visually appealing adventure that captures the spirit of classic film detectives in a unique and imaginative way.

Inspector Sun and the Curse of the Black Widow (Inspector Sun y la maldición de la viuda negra)
Directed by Julio Soto Gúrpide
Screenplay by Rocco Pucillo
Produced by Adriana Malfatti Chen, Julio Soto Gúrpide, Karl Richards, Peter Rogers, Rocco Pucillo, Jason Kaminsky
Casting US : Ronny Chieng, Emily Kleimo, Jennifer Childs Greer, Rich Orlow, Iain Batchelor, Scott Geer, Jeanette Grace Gonglewski, Paul Louis Miller 
Edited by Zayra Muñoz Dominguez
Music by Fernando Velázquez
Production companies: The Thinklab, Gordon Box, 3Doubles Producciones, Particular Crowd
Distributed by Tripictures (United States), Alba Films (France)
Release date :December 28 2022 (spain), October 27 2023 (United States), December 20 2023 (France)
Running time : 88 minutes

Viewed on November 21, 2023

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