The harbinger

The harbinger
Original title:The harbinger
Director:Will Klipstine
Running time:115 minutes
Release date:02 september 2022
A family with a troubled little girl moves to a new town. Their neighbors start dying mysteriously, she fears that something evil has followed her.

Mulder's Review

The Frightfest festival has established itself this year as a celebration of independent horror cinema and certainly among the twenty or so films we were able to see The Harbinger which marks Will Klipstine's second directorial effort on a script he co-wrote with Amy Mills was a real disappointment. 

Nothing really original in this story of a troubled little girl who moves with her family to a new town. As their neighbors start to die mysteriously, the parents of this little girl fear that something evil has followed her. Although the young actress Madeleine McGraw (The Black Phone) is in the cast, the script doesn't manage to offer an efficient movie and we quickly get bored in this film which cruelly lacks the vision of an invested director.

It's always easier to write a review of a movie that convinced us and in this case we have the impression to have wasted our time to discover the worst of the horror genre, that is to say a too slow rhythm, badly defined characters and above all a director who tries after a failed comedy to change genre without really convincing either. 

The harbinger
Directed by Will Klipstine
Produced by Will Klipstine, Amy Mills
Written by Will Klipstine, Amy Mills
Starring Madeleine McGraw, Irene Bedard, Teal Redmann, Kate Luyben, Steve Monroe, Jeremy Gauna, Amanda MacDonald, Rick Mora, Bruce Bohne, Vincent Duvall, Jamie Bozian, Emily Fradenburgh, ,Alex Galick,, Will Klipstine
Music by Chad Olivera
Cinematography : Jose Zambrano Cassella
Edited by Clayton Condit
Release date : September 2 2022 (United States)
Running time : 115 minutes

Seen on August 28, 2022 (screener pesse)

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