The ghosts of Monday

The ghosts of Monday
Original title:The ghosts of Monday
Director:Francesco Cinquemani
Running time:80 minutes
Release date:Not communicated
Eric Lindstrom is the showrunner of a popular American paranormal television series: The Ghosts of the New World. Following a freak accident in the season finale, the network shut down the series. But redemption comes with an offer to travel to Cyprus to make a pilot about the tragic and notorious Gula Hotel, where more than 100 people died under mysterious circumstances 25 years ago. But what begins as just another day at the office turns into a terrifying journey into the unknown.

Mulder's Review

Directed by Francesco Cinquemani (An Eye for an Eye) and produced by Loris Curci (Nightworld), The ghosts of monday uses Cypriot folklore and mythology to describe the terrifying events that take place in a hotel. The film was shot at the St. Raphael Resort Hotel in Limassol, which was forced to close due to the global pandemic of covid 19 . The hotel served as a filming location, production office and accommodation for the cast and crew.

During the Frightfest festival organized at the end of August in London, we were able to discover the horrific film The Ghosts of Monday which, in spite of the poor means clearly visible on the screen, can be watched with a certain amount of interest if not completely gripping and original.  The story of The Ghosts of Monday is the story of Eric Lindstrom, showrunner of a popular American TV series on the paranormal: The Ghosts of the New World, who will find himself involved in an occult conspiracy after having gone to Cyprus to make a reality show about a haunted hotel. 

Using the haunted hotel as a framework, a recurrent theme in horror cinema, the film never manages to create a real anguish and seems to constantly hesitate on the direction to take to optimize the few means present here. Having screenwriters here proves to be a bad idea as the film seems devoid of the clear vision of a screenwriter knowing how to best optimize the workings of the story.

The Ghosts on Monday seems to be constantly wavering on what main plot to give the audience. The film may insert barely drawn supernatural creatures, paranormal phenomena, violent murders, a dangerous cult, a monstrous and slimy creature, but nothing happens. We can feel that the scriptwriters are trying to save this movie from the wreckage and to copy the atmosphere of Mike Flanagan's series on Netflix but nothing works and the movie disappoints and suffers from a too slow rhythm.

From September 5th, The ghosts of monday will be available for streaming and download in the UK and Ireland via Amazon, Sky and i-Tunes. We'll leave it to you to make up your own mind about this film.

The Ghosts of Monday
Directed by Francesco Cinquemani
Produced by Loris Curci, Marianna Rosset, Vitaly Rosset
Written by Francesco Cinquemani, Loris Curci, Andy Edwards, Barry Keating, Mark Thompson-Ashworth
Starring Julian Sands, Anthony Skordi, Mark Huberman, Marianna Rosset
Cinematography : Pau Mirabet
Edited by Graziano Falzone 
Release date : September 5, 2022 (UK)
Running time : 80 minutes

Seen on August 28, 2022 (Screener press)

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