Original title:Irreductible
Director:Jérôme Commandeur
Running time:85 minutes
Release date:Not communicated
Vincent Peltier, a peaceful employee at the Waters and Forests in Limoges, is pressured to resign because of a staffing review, which he wants in the least. An overzealous inspector decides to transfer him to the worst places in the world to make him quit. She sends him to Greenland to protect the researchers of a scientific base from bear attacks. We let you imagine the continuation...

Mulder's Review

"I like comedies that start from reality. Often I talk with friends who tell me "I did not enter the story because I did not believe in it" ... Here, I started from something concrete and then I decided to throw Vincent into a sort of washing machine drum, from the moment he says "well no: I want to stay"! I thought it was very positive to show a guy who feels valued by his job, (I'm part of it!) because a job is not only an income, it's also a status... Vincent will be confronted with Pascale Arbillot in the film, who is in charge of purging the civil service and who, faced with Vincent's resistance, will decide to transfer him to the most difficult places... " - Jérome Commandeur

Jérome Commandeur never ceases to amaze us and he seems to take a malicious pleasure in trying new experiences all the time, whether it be presenting shows (Burger Quiz...), one-man shows, but also numerous supporting roles in films and the direction of his first film, Ma famille t'adore déjà (co-directed with Alan Corno). His second film is certainly one of the best comedies of this year and allows us to find an irreverent tone between that of ZAZ and Les Nuls. 

The result is a perfectly paced comedy whose excellent dialogues follow one another and provoke multiple laughs throughout the duration. In the same way that an unruly student would constantly interrupt a class in a school or an employee in the middle of a burn-out would tend to discredit his company and its many failures, Irreducible is definitely the must-see comedy of the year that should be prescribed to all viewers in the midst of a depression or in the impossibility of coping with the changes in their lives linked to the covid 19, to climate change or to this endless war in Ukraine. While most of the French comedies follow pre-established specifications and don't make us laugh anymore or even leave us perplexed, Irreducible comes to dynamize a general public genre and often very disappointing.

Irreducible shows once again what a good remake should be. In this case, it is to revisit the film Quo vado? (2016) by Gennaro Nunziante and readapt it by making a few minimal changes such as the names of the characters, the locations of the story. Jérôme Commandeur and Xavier Maingon have succeeded in dynamizing the original film and offers us a punchy comedy and in the air of time not hesitating to castigate the civil servants and to show the many advantages that they enjoy especially if they are transferred abroad. We discover Vincent Peltier (Jérôme Commandeur), a civil servant who has a quiet life with few hours and many benefits in kind such as housing, numerous gifts from taxpayers that he managed by granting various permits as part of his position attached to the Water and Forests in Limoges. 

Having no children and still not married to the one who shares his life, he will nevertheless have to fight to remain a civil servant while the ministry to which he is attached has decided to change the situation and to put an end to the numerous excesses and excesses. He will have to take on several difficult jobs that an inspector, Isabelle Bailliencourt (Pascale Arbillot) has chosen to make him break down and voluntarily resign. Yet Vincent Peltier will hang on and after leaving the woman who shared his life in Limoges met the true love of his life, Eva (Laetitia Dosch, real revelation of the film). From the lands of Greenland to remote corners of Europe such as Sweden or France, Vincent Peltier will travel a lot and face many surprising events.

Irreducible succeeds in finding the irreverent and politically incorrect tone that Les Nuls had marked our memories with sketches just as hilarious as this film. Between irresistible dialogues and hilarious situations, the film finds its rhythm from the first minutes and holds us in suspense and never ceases to surprise us. We already knew that Jérôme Commandeur was an excellent comedian and his first film had not particularly marked our memories, but this one shows that he knows how to be an equally excellent director and how to surround himself with well-known actors. The quality of the scenario has allowed Jérôme Commandeur to see many actors appearing in playful scenes, whether Gérard Depardieu in his own role, Valérie Lemercier and Malik Bentalha. We also suspect that the presence of the comedian Gerard Darmon is an obvious nod to the film The City of Fear of the comedy group The Dummies. This actor finds here one of his best roles.  

While recent French films have rarely left their mark on our memories, Irreducible is certainly one of the must-see films of this year and we can only advise you to discover it in an excellent movie theater, if only to admire the many superb landscapes and, above all, to share in this irresistible film that deserves to be a great success in our theaters.

Directed by Jérôme Commandeur
Produced by Patrice Arrat, Quentin de Revel, Thierry Desmichelle, Rémi Jimenez, Camilla Nesbitt, Pietro Valsecchi and Edoardo Zambeletti
Written by Jérôme Commandeur and Xavier Maingon
From the original script by Gennaro Nunziante and Checco Zalone 
Starring Jérôme Commandeur, Lætitia Dosch, Pascale Arbillot, Christian Clavier, Gérard Darmon, Valérie Lemercier , Estéban, Malik Bentalha, Gérard Depardieu, Nicole Calfan, Éva Darlan, Jean-Marie Winling , Karina Beuthe Orr, Anne-Sophie Lapix, Karim Wallet
Music by Maxime Desprez, Michaël Tordjman 
Cinematography : Nicolas Massart
Edited by Jean-François Elie
Production companies : SND, Macadam Film, Medset Film
Distributed by SND (France)
Release date : June 29, 2022 (France)
Running time : 85 minutes

Seen on June 24, 2022 at Gaumont Disney Village, Room 8 seat A19

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