Tastes and colors

Tastes and colors
Original title:Les gouts et les couleurs
Director:Michel Leclerc
Running time:110 minutes
Release date:Not communicated
Marcia, a passionate young singer, records an album with her idol Daredjane, a rock icon from the 1970s, who suddenly disappears. To release their album, she has to convince Daredjane's heir, Anthony, a small-town market vendor, who never liked his distant relative, let alone her music. Between good and bad taste, popular and chic, sincerity and lies, their two worlds clash. Unless love, of course...

Mulder's Review

"Music has been a big part of my life for a long time. I have composed about a hundred songs, been in several bands and at 20, even 25, I had more ambition to do music than cinema. I started the cinema by directing my band's videos and I always tried to put as many songs as possible in my films. So I had to confront myself one day or another more directly with this passion. Music, and songs in particular, are a strong social and cultural marker: "tell me who you listen to and I'll tell you who you are! If you prefer Dominique A to Louane (an example among others), chances are you live in the city center, are CSP+... " - Michel Leclerc

The director and screenwriter Michel Leclerc is certainly a standout in the French cinematographic landscape, as each of his films has allowed him to create his own universe in which his favorite themes are constantly recurring, whether it be the family, social circles and their contrasts, his place in society and the search for true love. Far from this commercial French cinema too often without real surprise which is content to offer the public what it expects as entertainment without real innovation. So after J'invente rien (2006), Le Nom des gens (2010), Télé Gaucho (2012), La Vie très privée de Monsieur Sim (2015) and La Lutte des classes (2019), his new and most successful film to date allows him to combine his passion for cinema with his passion for music and to deliver a story filled with songs and atypical characters. Once again his film is in the air of time and does not seek to put full the eyes with the spectators but rather to show him that the appearances are often misleading and that it is necessary to devour the life to appreciate all its ephemerality.

The music is at the very center of this story and reminds us that a film must have its own musicality in order to forge a real identity and to please the audience. In this case, we will find ourselves throughout the story with the desire to sing just like the two main actresses Rebecca Marder (Marcia) and Judith Chemla (Daredjane) do so well. We discover a young passionate singer Marcia who lives from her passion and was able to collaborate on the writing of her new album with her idol Daredjane, a rock star of the 1970s who disappeared from the scene and lives recluse in his beautiful apartment on the island Saint Louis in Paris. When Daredjane commits suicide by jumping off a bridge, Marcia is forced to find her beneficiary, a certain Anthony (Félix Moati), who works as an usher at a small town market. Anthony has never really understood his distant relative and has not listened to her music. The differences between Judith and Anthony will lead them to learn from each other and above all give birth to a true love with a musical background.

For all those who like to discover new musicals, Tastes and Colors is definitely a film to discover at the cinema as the chemistry between the actors Rebecca Marder and Felix Moati and the one with Judith Chemla works perfectly. Between the cultural, social shock, there is in this film a real feeling good movie as we would like to see more often in cinema.

Tastes and colors 
Written and directed by Michel Leclerc
Produced by Isabelle Grellat Doublet
With Rebecca Marder, Félix Moati, Judith Chemla, Philippe Rebbot, Eye Haïdara, Artus, Baya Kasmi, François Morel
Music: Jérôme Bensoussan, David Gubitsch
Image : Pierre Dejon
Editing : Annette Dutertre
Production company: Mandarin Films
Distributed by Pyramide International
Release date : June 22, 2022 (France)
Running time : 110 minutes

Seen on June 9, 2022 at the UGC Ciné-cité Les Halles room 11

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