Mother / Android

Mother / Android
Original title:Mother / Android
Director:Mattson Tomlin
Running time:110 minutes
Release date:17 december 2021
Set in the near future, Mother/Android follows Georgia (Chloƫ Grace Moretz) and her boyfriend Sam (Algee Smith) through their treacherous journey of escape as their country is caught in an unexpected war with artificial intelligence. Days away from the arrival of their first child, they must face No Man's Land - a stronghold of the android uprising, in hopes of reaching safety before giving birth.

Mulder's Review

What a huge disappointment. The rather intriguing trailer had caught our attention and let us think of an efficient science-fiction movie with androids which instead of serving the homes as butlers have decided to turn to the eradication of the human race. In this post-apocalyptic context we meet Georgia (Chloë Grace Moretz), a pregnant university student who wanted to have an abortion before the androids started to change the urban landscape in a definitive way. Now that the United States has become a no-go zone, we find Georgie and her boyfriend Sam (Algee Smith), still pregnant, trying to survive in a dehumanized world in which the few remaining humans live in fear of being killed.

Director and screenwriter Mattson Tomlin delivers a first film that is sorely lacking in seasoned directorial vision and spectacular special effects. By putting at the center of his film the pregnancy of his heroine and by opposing a hostile world, the director had however the means to propose a different film and charged with various emotions. However, the too slow rhythm of the film, a real absence of a structure that would have allowed for many twists and turns, make us quickly get bored in front of this film that only has the merit of giving a different and more mature role to one of our favorite actresses, Chloë Grace Moretz.

Of course, the worldwide pandemic of covid-19 has changed the game in terms of filming and has also influenced some directors to look for more intimate films that require fewer people, but to propose a stripped down, slow and boring film is inconceivable, especially since the audience's demand is very present. The lack of ambition of Mother / Android makes that we do not manage to immerse ourselves in this disappointing film that could have been successful if it had a director much more inspired, characters better built and a real painting of a society in perdition.

Mother /Android
Written and directed by Mattson Tomlin
Produced by Matt Reeves, Bill Block, Mattson Tomlin, Rafi Crohn, Adam Kassan, Charles Miller
Starring Chloë Grace Moretz, Algee Smith, Raúl Castillo
Cinematography : Patrick Scola
Edited by Andrew Groves
Music by Kevin Henthorn, Michelle Birsky
Production companies : Miramax, 6th & Idaho Motion Picture Company
Distributed by Hulu (US), Netflix (International)
Release date : December 17, 2021 (United States), January 7, 2022 (France)
Running time : 110 minutes

Viewed on December 1, 2021

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