Bring out the fear

Bring out the fear
Running time:87 minutes
Director:Richard Waters
Release date:Not communicated
Rosie and Dan are a couple whose relationship is doomed. Deciding to end it in the least acrimonious way possible, they decide to take one last walk in their favorite destination, the local forest. But suddenly, the winding paths lead nowhere, the trees never seem to end, the sun never sets and a sinister presence begins to stalk and torment them, trying to drive them mad... There is no escape, but what exactly are they hiding?

Mulder's Review

The forest seems like a good place to set the scene for a low-budget horror film, and one thinks back to films like Evil Dead (1981), The Blair Witch Project (1999) or Wrong Turn (2003). In the case of the new film written and directed by Richard Waters, we have to acknowledge a real economy of means compensated by a really efficient direction that gives Bring out the fear the air of a real waking nightmare.

Rosie (Ciara Baley) and Dan (Ted Morari) are a couple whose relationship is doomed to failure because it is based on a difficult common relationship. To end their relationship, they decide to take one last walk together in the local forest. What was for them an idyllic setting turns into a real earthly prison as the forest seems to extend for them to infinity and the sun never sets. In the same way a supernatural presence seems to take a malicious pleasure to torment them and to make them crazy.  How will they get out of this trap and will they be able to stay alive enough? 

Bring out the fear suffers from the fact that despite its duration of about an hour and a half, it is too long because of the lack of action. However, it must be said that the director compensates for this slowness and his lack of budget by many ideas of direction and especially a couple of actors perfectly directed which certainly makes the film interesting to watch. This horror film approaches with intelligence the couple and its meanders but also death and separation with a real director's eye. Unencumbered, director Richard Waters delivers a truly disturbing film and reminds us of the importance of a good script and careful dialogue to hold the audience's attention. By blurring the lines until the final denouement, Bring out the fear is both a cinematographic experience and a new look at our part of humanity that crumbles with time.

Bring out the fear
Written and directed by Richard Waters
Produced by Alison Scarff
Starring Ciara Bailey, Tad Morari, James Devlin
Music by Steve Nolan
Cinematography : Rowan Moore
Edited by Richard Waters 
Release date : Augsut 28, 2021 (Frightfest)
Running time : 87 minutes

Seen on august 30, 2021 (Frightfest press screener)

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