Red snow

Red snow
Running time:80 minutes
Director:Sean Nichols Lynch
Release date:Not communicated
Struggling romance author Olivia Romo's dream of meeting a real vampire comes true when Luke shows up at her remote cabin in the snow needing help. But on Christmas Eve, Olivia's dream turns into a nightmare when Luke's fellow vampires come looking for him.

Mulder's Review

If, like us, you like fantasy comedies with vampires and crazy situations and the Twilight film saga is one of your favorites, then you should have a good time discovering Red Snow, a fantasy comedy about the friendship between a young woman and a seductive vampire.

Olivia Romo (Dennice Cisneros), an aspiring vampire romance novelist, spends her vacations alone, locked in her snowy cabin near Lake Tahoe and racking up rejection letters from publishers. until one night, a wounded bat bumps into her window. Sympathizing with the creatures of the night, Olivia takes the injured creature to her garage to nurse it back to health. But the next day, Olivia is delighted to discover that the bat has transformed into a handsome vampire. His name is Luke (Nico Bellamy). He's not a fan of crosses, garlic or sunlight, but he seems to take a liking to Olivia. The two unlikely companions get to know each other and form a tenuous friendship, but Olivia is wary of Luke's intentions as his past begins to catch up with him. First, there's the strange detective (Vernon Wells) who comes looking for Luke and his dangerous associates. Then there are the pale figures who slip past Olivia's cabin at night. And finally, Luke's old vampire friends come out of the shadows and enter Olivia's cabin. 

The main merit of Red Snow is to dust off the mainstream vampire films and to approach the theme of literary inspiration with a certain jubilation, as the character of Olivia Romo, who seems to be a nice and a little too romantic writer, turns out to be a real businesswoman capable of making the vampire she has taken in work on her literary drafts and at the same time turn the situation to her advantage. It is therefore impossible not to think of films like Misery (1991), Vampire vous avez dit vampire? (Fright night) (2016) when discovering this film which turns out to be much more about than its trailer showed.

For his second film after Prep school (2015), the writer and director Sean Nichols Lynch seems to have done enough research to intelligently revisit the myth of the vampire but also proves to be rather clever to keep the attention of the audience and minimize the use of special effects. In the same way, some of the dialogues do not hesitate to make fun of the stereotypes of vampire films as if to say that it was time to move forward and get out of these ideas too often used in cinema. We spend a nice moment to watch this independent film made with a real love for the genre. 

Red Snow
Written and directed by Sean Nichols Lynch
Produced by Alrik Bursell 
Starring Dennice Cisneros, Nico Bellamy, Laura Kennon, Alan Silva, Vernon Wells
Music by Timothy Lynch
Cinematography : Gavin V. Murray
Edited by 
Distributed by Central City (UK)
Release date : August 26, 2021 (Frightfest)
Running time : 80 minutes

Seen on August 28, 2021 (Frightfest Screener press)

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