The Revolution Generation

The Revolution Generation
Running time:80 minutes
Director:Josh Tickell, Rebecca Tickell
Release date:00 0000

Mulder's Review

Before it was a documentary film, The Revolution Generation began as a book featuring the compelling stories of technological evolution that are leading today's young adults to rise to their true potential . Through extensive research and interviews, The Revolution Generation is certainly one of the first in-depth explorations of the activism and world-changing potential of people born between 1980 and 2000. Known as Generation Y or Millennials, this generation is the first to master digital technology. From family and personal relationships to employment, Millennials live in a dynamic interaction between technological advances and real-world setbacks. Their connectivity and awareness of the world has created new opportunities, but it has also come at a time of peril.

According to the United Nations, today's youth face the ten greatest global crises in human history (including the sixth major species extinction, rapid climate change, and a global refugee crisis). This exciting book The Revolution Generation has highlighted their often overlooked strengths and shows how they can build a brighter, more sustainable, and more democratic future for themselves and all of humanity.

Based on his book of the same name, Josh Tickell, with the help of screenwriter and director Rebecca Tickell, delivers a compelling documentary that explores with real intelligence the crisis, the awakening and the sense of legitimacy of the new generations, who are among the most educated, the most mythologized. Connected, educated and technologically advanced, today's under-35s represent half the world's population and face a disorienting economic, humanitarian, environmental and political dilemma.

Tracing through the stages of American history, the film illustrates how Millennials are interacting with the problems of the globalized world they grew up in, inherited and are determined to change. This documentary shows how young people can deploy their strengths to revolutionize the system by confronting both political crises and the global environmental crisis. Narrated by Michelle Rodriguez, one of the panels she presents opens and closes this excellent documentary The Revolution Generation has caught our attention and is proving to be one of the must-see documentary films of this year. The SBIFF festival allowed us to discover it in excellent conditions and above all to show us the importance of knowing how to listen to the new generations, they are the ones who will make our future and who will have the heavy responsibility of making our current world better.

The Revolution Generation
Written, produced and directed by Josh Tickell, Rebecca Tickell
Starring Michelle Rodriguez, Shailene Woodley, Corbin Bleu
Cinematography : Simon Balderas
Edited by Gabriel Valda, Athony Ellison, Mikki Willis
Production companies: Big Picture Ranch, Elevate, Sustainable Films, Social Construc
Release date : April 1, 2021 (SBIFF)
Running time : 80 minutes

Seen on April 05, 2021

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