Reclaim Idaho

Reclaim Idaho
Running time:60 minutes
Director:Laura Wing-Kamoosi, Jim Kamoosi
Release date:00 0000

Mulder's Review

"In an often vicious political climate, it was a joy to see the kindness and respect with which Reclaim Idaho conducted its Medicaid expansion campaign. They didn't shout on social media or refuse to talk to people along party lines. They simply talked to people, one by one, answering their questions, addressing their fears, and ultimately convincing them. If positive change is going to happen in this country, that's the way to go." - Laura Wing-Kamoosi

Reclaim Idaho had its world premiere at the prestigious Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF), which ran from March 31 to March 4, 2010. With the lives of more than 62,000 uninsured Idahoans at stake, a tiny grassroots team, led by a married couple with a newborn baby and almost no political experience, hit the road in a 1977 RV to campaign for the state's desperately needed Medicaid expansion bill.

This documentary film shot on the roads of Idaho and in the cab of a bright green 1977 RV during the 2018 election cycle completely won us over because it touches on a crucial issue in the United States that concerns access to social protection for the middle class and the poorest. While in France, the inhabitants can benefit from a social protection (Social Security) and with luck by working in a good company of a good see very good mutual insurance company, the Americans unfortunately do not have this chance and the prohibiting tariffs of a simple medical consultation of a doctor shows that it is time that the United States wakes up and allows the greatest number to benefit from a real service of health.

If the film Reclaim Idaho in spite of its short duration of one hour is right, it is because we can discover it while a great campaign of vaccination is in progress in the United States and will soon allow the Americans to gradually find their life of before certainly changed forever but to finally be able to find the comfort of a cinema, of concerts but also the pleasure to meet with several in a good restaurant. The numerous interviews in this film, made with passion, allow us to take up the cause of Emily, Garrett Strizich and their friend's fight. Certainly, this film must be seen by the greatest number of spectators and especially lead to a real debate and even to the reform of the American health system.

Reclaim Idaho
Directed by Laura Wing-Kamoosi, Jim Kamoosi
Written by Laura Wing-Kamoosi
Starring Emily Strizich, Garrett Strizich, Luke Mayville, Tim Faust, Dan Schmidt
Music by Michael J. McCurdy
Cinematography ; Jim Kamoosi , Laura Wing-Kamoosi
Edited by Edith R. Newman
Release date : April 1, 2021 (SBIFF)
Running time : 60 minutes

Seen on April 06, 21 (SBIFF)

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