Deauville et le reve américain

Deauville et le reve américain
Original title:Deauville et le reve américain
Director:Daphne Baiwir
Running time:75 minutes
Release date:00 0000 (France)

Mulder's Review

As part of the Deauville American Film Festival, we were able to discover the excellent documentary film Deauville and the American Dream by Daphne Baiwir. It is interesting to see that since its creation in 1975, no documentary film had had the idea of showing the evolution and adaptation of this important festival, which not only highlights American cinema but also a department charged with its history in our eyes and in the eyes of many Americans.

As Deauville and the American Dream shows so well, a festival undergoes many changes, whether it is a change of direction such as being before a showcase of American blockbusters to American independent films testifying to the first steps of many young directors, some of them promoted to a promising career.

Deauville and the American Dream is not just a succession of interviews but a real analysis that has managed to capture the essence of the Deauville American Film Festival from its first year to 2018. Daphne Baiwir has put the same care into the making of this film as into the interviews that punctuate it, but also into the editing. Far from being a continuous flow of information, Deauville and the American Dream is above all a successful analysis of the importance of festivals in the career of a film or of directors who can gain visibility. The excellent interviews with Michael Douglas and Jim Cummings are particularly noteworthy, as are those with Bruno Barde.

Certainly, one of our big favorites of the Deauville American Film Festival, Deauville and the American Dream is an indispensable film to see and review to better understand the importance of this festival not only in our hearts but also in the cultural and film landscape today.

Deauville and the American Dream
A film by Daphne Baiwir
Produced by Sebastien Cruz
With Michael Douglas, Claude Lelouch, Stéphane Brizé, Anne d'Ornano, Antonia Dauphin, Ruda Dauphin, Béatrice Halimi, Charles Rivkin, Christine Vachon, Debra Granik, Gilles Jacob, Ira Sachs, Jim Cummings, Jordana Spiro, Julia Kuperberg, Clara Kuperberg, Lionel Chouchan, Bruno Barde, Mitchell W. Block, Philippe Augier
Director of photography: Sebastien Cruz
Editing: Daphne Baiwir
Sound editing: Antoine Legros Jenny
Music: Sander Kalmeijer
Production company : Les Films de la Plage
Running time : 75 minutes

Viewed on September 3, 2020 (screener press)

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