Avicii : True Stories

Avicii : True Stories
Running time:97 minutes
Director:Levan Tsikurishvili
Release date:00 0000

Lauren's Review

Avicii: True Stories is a heartbreakingly beautifully told story of a rise to stardom and all the stresses that come along with it. A young man with a passion for music that leads him on a journey of creation but makes you question at what cost is reaching for the stars really worth. Levan Tsikurishvili has created a visual story so well put together it rivals the music of Avicii himself.

This documentary follows Tim Bergling, otherwise known as Avicii, in his rise to stardom as one of the worlds most successful DJs, but not without its downsides. From an early age its apparent that Tim had a knack for creating music. With his strong work ethic it’s easy to see how he blew up on the music scene. Of course others had a hand in Avicii’s making but at the age of 17 he fell into the right hands at the right time, each puzzle piece falling into place so perfectly you could almost say it was poetic.

The average person might just make the mistake in assuming a DJ might not do all that much other than press some buttons, but we get an in-depth view from the other side. Watching Tim go beyond the average DJ in creating riffs or beats that work well together. Those who were lucky enough to work with him had the pleasure of getting to see the master work, not only from the music standpoint but in creating vocals and how they played into the songs.

Becoming a celebrity, even from a musicians standpoint doesn’t come without its faults. The higher you climb the more is demanded of you, the more everyone wants a piece. As someone who doesn’t feel like they’re made for the limelight, life can become a struggle, and that’s exactly what happens with Tim. It's hard to imagine all of the factors it takes to keep someone going at the speeds he was moving. When your mental health comes into question one should always take a step back and see the bigger picture.

Tsikurishvili paints a picture for you of the life of Avicii and behind the scenes of Tim Bergling. Two different people, one you thought you knew from a strangers stand point and a man you didn’t know struggling with fame. A slow churn of struggle that begins its wear and tear until he’s had enough, only to slow down and reinvent himself and come back stronger and bigger than before. One mans strength to overcome his hardships and show a true talent for his craft. Avicii: True Stories theatrical debut hits December 14th in Los Angeles and December 21st in New York.

Avicii: True Stories
Directed, written and produced by Levan Tsikurishvili
Starring Tim Bergling, David Guetta, Wyclef Jean, Nile Rodgers, Tiësto, Chris Martin
Edited by Johan Lindvall, Francesco Loi, Nils Moström
Distributed by Piece of Magic Entertainment, Black Dalmatian Films
Release date : October 26, 2017

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