Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2
Original title:Deadpool 2
Director:David Leitch
Running time:120 minutes
Release date:16 may 2018 (France)

Lola's Review

The first time Deadpool was introduced in a movie was in 2009 on the movie “X-men Origins: Wolverine” and his screentime was very limited. Since then, fans have been asking for the Merc with a mouth to be more in the spotlight and after the first Deadpool movie, we were eager to watch more of this popular antiheroe of Marvel Comics.

The humor is inherent to Wade Wilson and this movie shows it in almost every scene, making fun of everyone and everything from the actors to the companies; himself and his decisions too; and of course, of Wolverine. As a matter of fact the list of every joke made by this character could have its own post.

Given the popularity of the first installment, this sequel got a bigger budget as we can noticed by the extension of the cast and cameos; particularly of the “Vanisher” who is a very well know Hollywood star and a very unexpected one that everybody enjoyed watching for a glimpse.

The soundtrack has songs of diverse genres from the original score of the first installment like “Deadpool rap” keeps the essence of the film; to new additions like “Ashes”, a new original song interpreted by the amazing Celine Dion. “Ashes” contributes to the emotional part of this comic movie.

As we already knew from 2016, this film includes “Cable” but during the motion picture we discover he isn’t like we thought he was, instead he becomes a great part of the plot twist. Sadly for a Marvel Movie, there isn’t a cameo of Stan Lee because of his currently health issues, but we get to see more actors and characters unannounced.

Like Deadpool himself said, we hope this becomes a franchise, surely it would be a successful one, and it already is indeed.

Saw May 18, 2018 at Cinepolis Mexicali, in Mexico

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