Comics - BRZRKR Unveils New Chapter: A Faceful of Bullets #1 Takes Readers into B.'s Violent Past

By Mulder, 28 june 2024

BOOM! Studios has unveiled an exciting sneak peek into BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets #1, the latest addition to Keanu Reeves' burgeoning comic book franchise. This special extra-length issue, masterfully crafted by veteran comics writer Jason Aaron and illustrated by the acclaimed Salvador Larroca, promises to unveil a previously untold chapter in the tumultuous life of the enigmatic B.

Set against the backdrop of 19th-century America, on the eve of the Civil War, the narrative plunges readers into a gripping tale of intrigue and conflict. B. becomes embroiled in a high-stakes feud between a ruthless land baron and his defiant daughter, caught in the crossfire of familial strife and personal vendettas. As he grapples with his own violent nature and moral dilemmas, B. must confront whether he will act as a force of protection or succumb to the darker urges that define his existence.

Jason Aaron, known for his work on seminal titles like Thor and Once Upon a Time at the End of the World, brings his signature storytelling prowess to this milestone issue. Collaborating with him are Salvador Larroca, whose dynamic artwork has graced titles such as Star Wars: Darth Vader, colorist Lee Loughridge, and letterer Ed Dukeshire, ensuring a visual and narrative experience that will captivate readers.

The main cover for BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets #1 is crafted by Francesco Manna, accompanied by variant covers from Francesco Segala, Matteo Scalera, R.M. Guéra, Mahmud Asrar, and Matt Wilson. This ensemble promises to enrich the visual tapestry of B.'s world, offering fans a diverse array of artistic interpretations.

Beyond the comic itself, the release of BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets #1 marks a pivotal moment in the franchise's expansion. It coincides with the announcement of the first-ever prose novel set in the BRZRKR universe, titled The Book of Elsewhere, co-authored by acclaimed writer China Miéville and Keanu Reeves. Additionally, fans can look forward to the release of the BRZRKR: Bloodlines collected edition and Poetry of Madness Pen & Ink #1, promising further exploration of B.'s complex character and rich mythology.

BOOM! Studios continues to elevate its namesake imprint with a robust portfolio of critically acclaimed series, including BRZRKR by Keanu Reeves, Matt Kindt, and Ron Garney; Something is Killing the Children by James Tynion IV and Werther Dell’Edera; Grim by Stephanie Phillips and Flaviano; and Once Upon a Time at the End of the World by Jason Aaron, Alexandre Tefenkgi, Leila del Duca, and Nick Dragotta, among others. The imprint's commitment to innovative storytelling extends to licensed properties such as Dune: House Corrino, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, and The Expanse: Dragon Tooth, ensuring a diverse and engaging lineup for readers of all interests.

BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets #1 is scheduled for release in comic shops on July 24, 2024, and is currently available for pre-order. Digital copies will also be accessible through platforms like Kindle, iBooks, and Google Play, enabling fans to immerse themselves in B.'s latest chapter from wherever they choose to read.

BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets #1 A Main: APR240021
BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets #1 B Variant: APR240022
BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets #1 C Foil Variant: APR240023
BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets #1 D Foil Variant: APR240024
BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets #1 E 1:10 INCV: APR240025
BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets #1 F 1:25 INCV: APR240026
BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets #1 G 1:50 INCV: APR240027
BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets #1 H 1:100 INCV Foil Variant: APR240028
BRZRKR: A Faceful of Bullets #1 I Unlockable Var: APR240029

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