Movies - Natacha: The Stewardess Arrives in theaters in 2025

By Mulder, 04 june 2024

The year 2025 will see the release of a long-awaited film inspired by the famous comic strips: Natacha. The film project, directed by Noémie Saglio and produced by Daï Daï Films and TF1 Studio, aims to create a modern, entertaining comedy that will appeal to a wide audience, both male and female.

Vanessa Djian of Daï Daï Films and Nathalie Toulza Madar of TF1 Studio expressed their enthusiasm for the adaptation: “We're delighted to support the ambition of ‘Natacha’. With the talented Noémie Saglio, we want to create a funny, modern film that will appeal to women and men alike, with a great female comedy figure. Shooting on this film began on May 27, 2024 and will continue until July 26, 2024.”

Natacha follows the adventures of Natacha, a resourceful stewardess with a knack for finding herself in perilous situations. Always accompanied by her colleague and friend Walter, she travels to the four corners of the world, facing a variety of challenges. The original series, published from 1970 in Spirou and since 1971 by Dupuis, was created by François Walthéry. What's special about this series is that, although Walthéry is the main author, several scriptwriters have succeeded him, bringing different styles to the stories.

The character of Natacha was created in 1965, and the first album, Natacha hôtesse de l'air, was published in 1970. Walthéry drew inspiration for Natacha from several women of his time, including Mireille Darc and France Gall. Despite his limited knowledge of aviation, he was able to adapt his graphic style and improve the accuracy of references thanks to photographs taken during his own travels.

The film promises to remain faithful to the spirit of the comics, while adding a contemporary touch. Camille Lou plays Natacha, alongside Vincent Dedienne, Didier Bourdon, Fabrice Luchini, Elsa Zylberstein, Isabelle Adjani and Baptiste Lecaplain. The script, written by Noémie Saglio and Laurent Turner, draws on the captivating stories of the original series.

Since its creation, Natacha has always been a courageous heroine, ready to face dangerous situations for the sake of others. She's feminist, independent and a strong character. Her colleague Walter, often unlucky but always loyal, accompanies her on her adventures, bringing a touch of humor and camaraderie.

Ever since she was a little girl, Natacha has been determined to become a flight attendant, to escape the diktats of an age when women were expected to stay at home. When her dream finally comes true, she finds herself embroiled in an incredible adventure in pursuit of the thieves of the famous Mona Lisa.

Directed by Noémie Saglio
Written by Noémie Saglio, Laurent Turner
Based on the comic strip Natacha, hôtesse de l'air created by François Walthéry and published by Editions Dupuis
With Camille Lou, Vincent Dedienne, Didier Bourdon, Fabrice Luchini, Elsa Zylberstein, Isabelle Adjani and Baptiste Lecaplain
Production companies: Daï Daï Films, TF1 Studio
Distributed by Pathé, TF1 Studio
Release date: April 2, 2025