Festivals - Cannes 2024: David Cronenberg ready to shake up cinema with The Shrouds

By Mulder, 13 may 2024

David Cronenberg's next horror film, The Shrouds, is set to have a significant impact on the world of cinema. The highly-anticipated film will have its world premiere at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival on May 20, 2024, where it will compete in the main competition. Following the festival, the film will be released in French cinemas on September 25, 2024, distributed by Pyramide Distribution.

Shrouds tells the story of Karsh, a 50-year-old businessman who is devastated by the death of his wife. To overcome his grief, he invents a revolutionary and controversial technology called GraveTech, which allows the living to monitor their deceased loved ones in their shrouds. The plot takes a dark turn when several graves, including that of Karsh's wife, are desecrated. Determined to find those responsible, Karsh embarks on a quest to uncover the truth behind the desecration.

Originally conceived as a series for Netflix, The Shrouds was adapted into a feature film after the streaming service cancelled plans for the series. David Cronenberg, known for his distinctive style and challenging themes, has described this project as his most personal and autobiographical work. The film explores not only the themes of grief and loss, but also the complexity of human relationships and the impact of technological advances on our lives.

The cast of The Shrouds is led by Vincent Cassel, who plays the protagonist, Karsh. Diane Kruger, who replaced Léa Seydoux, adds depth to the film by playing three different characters. Guy Pearce and Sandrine Holt also join the cast, bringing their unique talents to this complex tale. The entire cast is expected to deliver powerful performances that will resonate with audiences.

Behind the scenes, the film boasts an impressive production team. Producers Saïd Ben Saïd and Martin Katz are joined by co-producer Steve Solomos. Douglas Koch is the director of photography, working with art director Jason Clarke and production designer Carol Spier. The collaboration of these seasoned professionals ensures that The Shrouds will be visually stunning and thematically rich.

Shrouds was shot in Toronto, Canada, from May 8, 2023 to June 19, 2023. The production period was intense, with cast and crew working diligently to bring Cronenberg's vision to life. The film's running time is 116 minutes, promising a captivating and immersive experience for viewers.

David Cronenberg's reputation for creating challenging horror films precedes him, with classics such as Scanners, Videodrome and The Fly to his credit. His last film, Crimes of the Future, was critically acclaimed, raising expectations for Shrouds. Given David Cronenberg's unique ability to blend horror with deep psychological and emotional themes, Shrouds is set to become a landmark in his filmography.

As The Shrouds prepares for its Cannes premiere and subsequent release, anticipation continues to build. The film promises to be a poignant exploration of grief, technology and human connection, through Cronenberg's particular lens. For fans of the director and the horrific genre, Shrouds is a must-see film for 2024.

Karsh, 50, is a renowned businessman. Inconsolable since the death of his wife, he invents a revolutionary and controversial system, GraveTech, which allows the living to connect to their loved ones in their shrouds. One night, several graves, including his wife's, are vandalized. Karsh sets out to find the culprits.

The Shrouds
Written and directed by David Cronenberg
Produced by Saïd Ben Saïd, Martin Katz, Anthony Vaccarello
Starring Vincent Cassel, Diane Kruger, Guy Pearce
Music by Howard Shore
Cinematography : Douglas Koch
Edited by Christopher Donaldson
Production companies : Prospero Pictures, SBS International, Saint Laurent Productions
Distributed by Pyramide Distribution (France)
Release date : May 20, 2024 (Cannes), September 25, 2024 (France)
Running time : 116 minutes

Photos : Copyright Pyramide Distribution