Events - Nikito Domus: The New Immersive Entertainment Destination in Rosny-sous-Bois Scheduled for April 2024

By Mulder, 22 march 2024

Rosny-sous-Bois is gearing up for an entertainment revolution with the upcoming opening of Nikito Domus on April 6, 2024. Located in the heart of the Domus shopping center, this entertainment complex promises an unprecedented immersive experience over an impressive 10,000 m². Destined to become the preferred meeting place for families and groups of friends in search of fun and adventure, Nikito Domus reinvents indoor leisure in the Paris region.

Nikito Domus invites young and old alike to explore its multiple universes in a vast space designed around a galactic odyssey. Visitors are greeted by total immersion from the moment they enter, symbolized by the rear of a spaceship's reactor, opening onto a world of entertainment built around five themed planets:

- Planet Volcano, dedicated to bowling, promises moments of friendly competition in a fiery atmosphere.
- Planet Neon offers a vibrant experience with electric go-karting, laser gaming and arcades for speed and gaming enthusiasts.
- Planet Jungle offers exotic relaxation with a bar, mini-golf and throwing games, ideal for those looking to unwind.
- Planet Ice plunges visitors into mystery with 35 rooms of Prison Island, a challenging escape adventure. Planet Candy is a children's paradise with a trampoline park offering a multitude of trampolines, a Ninja Warrior, giant slides and a maze.

In addition to fun and sports activities, Nikito Domus is also intended to be a place for social and cultural life, offering performance and conference spaces, as well as a varied catering offer. The complex aims to energize local life and attract a diverse public, making Rosny-sous-Bois a must-see destination for entertainment enthusiasts in the Île-de-France region.

Nikito Domus' ambition is not just to offer a simple outing with family or friends, but also to create a meeting place capable of hosting professional events such as team-building seminars, stag and hen parties, and so on.

The opening of Nikito Domus coincides with the extension of metro line 11 scheduled for May, facilitating access to the site and promising a significant influx of visitors from the very first days. With its ability to blend innovation, entertainment and conviviality, Nikito Domus is shaping up to be the future beating heart of entertainment in the Paris region.

The promise of Nikito Domus? To transform a simple leisure day into an immersive and unforgettable space adventure. Residents of Seine-Saint-Denis and beyond are already marking their calendars, eager to discover what promises to be the new wonder of the world.

(Source: press release)