DC-Universe - Batman Escape: An Exceptional Immersion in the Dark Knight's Universe

By Mulder, 26 march 2024

To coincide with the visit to Paris of Jim Lee, an iconic figure in the world of comics, and Comic Con France, a phenomenal event is stirring up the excitement of fans of the DC Comics universe: the famous Batman Escape. This escape game, unlike any other, offers an immersive adventure into the heart of the Dark Knight's universe. Dive in with me to discover what makes Batman Escape an experience not to be missed, for an unparalleled journey into the depths of Gotham City, right in the heart of Paris.

In the heart of the French capital, a playful revolution has taken place at Boom Boom Villette. Batman Escape, France's largest immersive escape game, offers an incursion into the dark and fascinating world of Batman. Imagined and created by Dama Dreams in collaboration with Warner Bros Discovery Global Themed Entertainment, this 3,000m² space is a true celebration of Batman's legacy.

The adventure begins as soon as you step through the doors of Batman Escape, where every detail, from the sets to the puzzles, has been designed to transport you to Gotham City. Fans of the Dark Knight and newcomers alike are invited to explore this space where reality and fiction merge.

The Batman Escape experience is divided into three main scenarios, each offering immersion in different aspects of the Batman universe. These adventures are :

The Joker: an unsettling experience in which you are invited by the Joker himself. Get ready to plunge into the twisted mind of the Clown Prince of Crime, in an adventure where dark humor and chills are the order of the day.

The Batcave: with two possible scenarios, "Good Guys" or "Bad Guys", this adventure challenges you to infiltrate Batman's famous hideout. Depending on which side you're on, you'll protect or steal the Dark Knight's most precious secrets.

The Riddler: on the day you join the GCPD (Gotham City Police Department), the Riddler challenges you. Are you up to the task of thwarting his riddles and saving Gotham City?

There's more to Batman Escape than its escape games. The venue offers an all-encompassing immersion in the world of Gotham City, with a lounge bar featuring drinks inspired by iconic characters and a unique ambience. The Gotham City Race adds a touch of adrenalin, with remote-controlled car races in the colors of the heroes and villains of this universe.

For fans wishing to take home a souvenir, the official store offers an exclusive selection of DC Comics products, with over 400 items available, including special Batman Escape items.

Whether you're a Batman aficionado, a fan of escape games, or simply looking for a unique immersive experience in Paris, Batman Escape promises moments of escape and discovery. Interaction with actors, realistic settings and captivating scenarios guarantee a memorable experience for all.

Practical Information : 
Location : Boom Boom Villette - 30 Av. Corentin Cariou, 75019 Paris
Price: €36 per person per game
Official website: https://batman-escape.com/

(Source : press release)