Parc-Asterix - Parc Astérix: A whirlwind of new attractions awaits visitors from March 30, 2024

By Mulder, 25 march 2024

Parc Astérix, France's iconic theme park and a shrine to Gallic humor, is preparing to celebrate its 35th birthday with a bang. From March 30, 2024, the park's gates will open to a brand-new season, rich in surprises and emotions, promising memorable adventures for visitors of all ages. To mark this important milestone, Parc Asterix has pulled out all the stops, announcing a series of new features that will make this year an exceptional edition.

An Exceptional Family Offer to Celebrate the Event
To make the festivities even crazier, Parc Asterix is proposing a tempting offer: free admission for children until May 3, 2024. This initiative allows every family to take full advantage of the park's attractions, shows and unique atmosphere, making the visit even more accessible and enjoyable.

"C'est du Délire!": A First in Gaulish History
The highlight of this year's show is undoubtedly the musical comedy "C'est du Délire!". This world premiere in the world of Gaul recounts the adventures of Groupidupianix and Sérotonine, aspiring respectively to become the greatest bard in Gaul and the first female druid. Their quest is fraught with pitfalls, but their friendship enables them to overcome the obstacles. Staged with brio, this 30-minute show promises laughter and emotion, supported by original songs and spectacular staging.

The Tower of Edifis: thrills and spills on the menu
One of this season's star attractions, the Tour de Numérobis, promises to get the adrenalin pumping. This new attraction, combining technology and fantasy, offers a vertiginous 40-meter-high experience, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the park, before plunging visitors into a thrilling descent.

Revenge of the Pirates: A new twist on a classic
Le Grand Splatch, Parc Asterix's iconic attraction, is reinvented as "La Revanche des Pirates". This transformation promises a refreshing adventure where visitors will navigate through a universe populated by intrepid pirates, while remaining on their guard against the pranks of the irreducible Gauls.

P'OZ Kebab: A New Eating Place for Hungry Adventurers
Parc Astérix is also thinking of gourmets, with the opening of P'OZ Kebab opposite the Temple of Iris. This new restaurant offers visitors a tasty break, allowing them to regain their strength before continuing their exploration of the park.

Staying at the Heart of Adventure
Visitors wishing to extend their experience can choose from three themed hotels, each offering a unique universe and total immersion in the world of the Gauls. Les Quais de Lutèce, La Cité Suspendue and Les Trois Hiboux offer top-quality accommodations designed to give adventurers a rest after an emotionally-charged day. These stays are an opportunity to fully experience the atmosphere of the park, with privileged access and exclusive services.

A Special Year Full of Promise
The schedules and rates for the 2024 season reflect Parc Astérix's commitment to offering an accessible and enriching experience for all. With a variety of ticket options and advantageous conditions, the park ensures that everyone can make the most of their visit.

(Source : press releases)