Festivals - Prime Video’s Fallout Activation at SXSW 2024 Transforms Hotel San Jose into Post-Apocalyptic Filly: A Wasteland Experience

By Mulder, 27 february 2024

In an unprecedented move to promote their upcoming Original Series Fallout, Prime Video is set to take over Austin's iconic Hotel San José during SXSW 2024. The immersive experience, named Filly, promises to transport  fans into the post-apocalyptic world of Fallout and allow them to live the life of a vault dweller, facing the challenges of the harsh wasteland society.

Situated in the heart of Austin’s vibrant South Congress neighborhood, the Hotel San José parking lot will be transformed into Filly on March 8 (12PM to 6PM) and March 9 (10AM to 6PM). Filly, a bustling wasteland shanty-town, appears as the aftermath of nuclear fallout, with repurposed vehicles, rust, and junk serving as the town's backbone.

Upon entering Filly through an old sewer tunnel, attendees will be greeted by local residents and perhaps a few radroaches, warning them about the harsh reality they are about to experience. As they venture through Filly, filled with easter eggs from the series, attendees will encounter aggressive locals, wandering lazeabouts, and traders selling their wares and local cuisine.

Local sundries and trading post, Ma June’s, is the hub of activity where guests can learn about collecting bottle caps, the wasteland's currency. Attendees can complete scavenger quests using the 'Vault 33 Resident Portal (Va.R.P.)' to earn more bottle caps by photographing the wasteland, hunting for pre-war artifacts, and interacting with elements throughout the town.

Snacks inspired by the Fallout universe, such as Fancy Lad Snack Cakes and ass jerky, will be available. Guests can test their skills at lassoing wasteland creatures, shooting gallery with 'Junk Jets,' and take memorable photos in futuristic yet post-apocalyptic settings.

The experience also introduces the town's rival factions engaging in fisticuffs over the fate of a rumored vault dweller. Prime Video aims to offer SXSW attendees an exclusive and interactive first look at their highly-anticipated series.

Prime Video's Fallout series, set to premiere on April 12, 2024, is an American post-apocalyptic drama based on the iconic video game franchise created by Interplay Entertainment. Co-created by Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Graham Wagner, developed by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, the series explores the aftermath of a nuclear exchange in a retrofuturistic society.

The cast includes Ella Purnell, Walton Goggins, Aaron Moten, and other talented actors. The show promises a unique and thrilling take on the Fallout universe, featuring an original story that follows Lucy, a descendant of the original Vault Dwellers, as she navigates the savage Wasteland.

In a special announcement on the 26th anniversary of Fallout Day, Amazon Studios launched the series' official social channels and debuted an interactive Pip-Boy interface graphic, embedding the release date. The series will be available to stream exclusively on Prime Video in more than 240 countries and territories worldwide.

About Kilter Films, the Los Angeles-based production company behind the series, was founded by Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. With notable works like HBO’s hit series Westworld, Kilter Films has consistently delivered critically acclaimed content. In addition to Fallout, Kilter Films has produced adaptations of William Gibson’s sci-fi thriller novel, The Peripheral, and more.

As SXSW 2024 approaches, Prime Video's Fallout activation at Hotel San José promises an unforgettable experience for fans and attendees, bringing the post-apocalyptic world to life in the heart of Austin.

Synopsis :
Adaptation of the post-apocalyptic role-playing video game license from Interplay/Bethesda Studios.

Created by Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Graham Wagner
Based on Fallout by Black Isle Studios[a]
Developed by Lisa Joy, Jonathan Nolan
Starring  Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Walton Goggins
Composer : Ramin Djawadi
Executive producers : James Altman, Todd Howard, Lisa Joy, Jonathan Nolan, Geneva Robertson-Dworet, Graham Wagner, Athena Wickham
Cinematography : Stuart Dryburgh, Teodoro Maniaci
Editor    Daniel Raj Koobir
Production companies : Kilter Films, Amazon MGM Studios, Bethesda Game Studios, Bethesda Softworks
Network : Amazon Prime Video
Release : April 12, 2024 (World)