Toys - Spin Master Celebrates 50 Years of Rubik's Cube with an Extensive Collection of Inclusive and Innovative Models

By Mulder, 19 february 2024

Spin Master, the world leader in children's entertainment, marks the 50th anniversary of the Rubik's Cube with a global celebration entitled Make Your Move. Launched from Canada on January 25, the campaign will run throughout the year, promising events, partnerships, product innovations and the launch of the first-ever official Rubik's Cube mobile game.

Doug Wadleigh, President of Toys at Spin Master, shares his excitement: The Rubik's Cube is an iconic puzzle that has captivated millions of curious minds for generations. Through the 'Make Your Move' campaign, we aim to inspire and captivate future generations of solvers.

The first collector's edition to mark this special year is the Rubik's cube 3x3 retro 50th anniversary. This reissue takes cube fans back to the origins of Rubik's Cube, with its logo, packaging and stickers reproducing the 80s model (January 2024, €15.99). A true immersion in the past to rediscover the magic of the Rubik's Cube.

Other collector's editions include Rubik's Cuberst featuring iconic characters such as Batman, Ironman, Spiderman and Black Panther (September 2024, 19.99€). A collection that combines a passion for Rubik's Cube with a love of superheroes.

The range includes innovative models for all levels of player. The Rubik's speed 3X3 offers a competitive experience with sticker-free facets, internal magnets for smooth movement and adjustable tensions (September 2024, €15.99). For budding cubers and seasoned competitors alike, this model is designed to deliver unrivalled sensations.

The Rubik's connected x revolutionizes the Rubik's Cube experience by bringing the physical world closer to the digital. Thanks to its associated Bluetooth application, the cube's movements are reproduced, timed and recorded in real time. Whether you're a beginner looking to learn or a competitor aiming to improve your performance, this model offers an interactive experience (September 2024, 49.99€).

The Rubik's cube sensory, due late 2024 (12.99€), features distinctive tactile shapes for each color, making it inclusive for the visually impaired. Even the packaging of this model will include Braille, underlining the commitment to accessibility.

Throughout the year, Spin Master will be offering limited editions in collaboration with pop culture icons, famous personalities and renowned brands. Collaborations with Barbie, Stranger Things, Wednesday Addams, Hello Kitty, the Beatles, Grateful Dead, Albert Einstein, Mr. Brainwash, and brands such as Levi's, NBALAB, U.S. Soccer, Mercedes Benz, Heelys, Tetris, and G Fuel promise unique, must-have editions for collectors.

As part of the celebration, Spin Master announces the launch of the Rubik's Match™ mobile game developed by Nørdlight Games, scheduled for release in 2025. This game offers a 3D approach, combining the joy of puzzle solving, the creative potential of construction and customization.

In addition, the range includes the eco-responsible Rubik's recube (€12.99) with paper packaging from certified sustainable forests and recycled, recyclable ABS plastic. An eco-responsible initiative for a gaming icon becoming eco-compatible.

Ernő Rubik, the creator of Rubik's Cube, shares his sentiment: The Rubik's Cube is a work of art that speaks to the universal values of human nature: curiosity, perseverance and ingenuity.

Spin Master invites you to a retrospective on the history of the Rubik's Cube and offers interviews with its representatives to discuss these new editions, the global impact of the Rubik's Cube and future initiatives planned for the year 2024.

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(Source : press release)