Nintendo - Universal Studios Hollywood Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of Super Nintendo World with Exciting Offerings

By Mulder, 17 february 2024

Universal Studios Hollywood is gearing up for a spectacular celebration as it marks the one-year anniversary of Super Nintendo World, the immersive themed area that opened its doors on February 17, 2023. The destination promises an array of exciting offerings for guests, including the grand opening of the all-new Power Up Cafe, the release of a commemorative Golden Power-Up Band, and recognition as the "Best New Attraction of 2023" by Theme Park Insider.

On February 15, the Power Up Cafe is set to open its doors on New York Street, located on the Upper Lot within the theme park. This innovative grab-and-go cafe introduces a delectable menu featuring Super Mario Power Up themed items. Guests can indulge in treats such as the Super Mushroom Calzone, 1-Up Mushroom Calzone, Fire Flower Pretzel, and Super Star Popcorn. The beverage lineup includes creative options like Super Mushroom Fizz, 1-Up Mushroom Fizz, Fire Flower Fizz, and Super Star Fizz, allowing visitors to enhance their experience with colorful and flavorful drops.

As part of the anniversary celebration, Universal Studios Hollywood introduces the commemorative Golden Power-Up Band, a special addition to the existing Power-Up Band collection with character themes. This limited-edition band will be available for purchase within the land and at retail shops starting February 17, offering fans a unique collectible.

Guests visiting Super Nintendo World during the anniversary period will also have the opportunity to receive a complimentary 1-Year Anniversary Button, available at Guest Relations inside the theme park while supplies last, starting February 17.

Adding to the festivities, the theme park proudly announces that Super Nintendo World has been named the "Best New Attraction of 2023" by Theme Park Insider, a testament to the immersive experience and excitement the land has brought to visitors.

Super Nintendo World, a visually stunning addition to Universal Studios Hollywood, features the groundbreaking "Mario Kart™: Bowser’s Challenge" ride, along with interactive activities and themed dining at Toadstool Cafe. The 1-UP Factory™ retail store allows guests to bring home souvenirs inspired by their favorite Nintendo characters.

The celebration extends beyond Universal Studios Hollywood, as Super Nintendo World has become a global phenomenon with themed areas at Universal Studios Japan and Universal Studios Hollywood. Construction is underway at Universal Studios Singapore and the highly anticipated Universal Epic Universe at Universal Orlando Resort.

Marking the second anniversary of Super Nintendo World in Japan, a limited-edition gold-colored Power-Up Band was released on March 18, 2023, offering fans a unique and collectible item.

As guests pass through the iconic green pipe, they embark on a journey filled with exploration, discovery, and play, immersing themselves in the vibrant world of Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach. Super Nintendo World represents the culmination of a groundbreaking partnership between Nintendo and Universal Creative, delivering exhilarating entertainment inspired by beloved characters and video games.

For more information and details on the one-year anniversary celebration, visit Universal Studios Hollywood, and follow @UniStudios on Instagram and X (formerly known as Twitter).

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