Marvel-Comics - Marvel Unleashes Deadpool's Hilarious Mayhem in Explosive New Comic Series

By Mulder, 16 february 2024

In anticipation of the Merc with a Mouth's return to the big screen, Marvel Comics is set to launch a brand-new solo ongoing series, Deadpool #1, hitting comic book stores on April 3, 2024. Penned by the acclaimed Cody Ziglar, known for his work on Miles Morales: Spider-Man, and illustrated by Rogê Antônio, the artist behind Venom and Carnage's bloodiest escapades, this series promises to thrust readers into a fresh era filled with Deadpool's trademark chaos.

In Deadpool #1, the irreverent antihero finds himself confronting a formidable new adversary named Death Grip, whose name suggests a lethal threat. As Wade confronts this new archenemy, fans can also expect a poignant reunion with his daughter Ellie, introducing a dynamic father/daughter duo that will undoubtedly shake up the Marvel Universe.

Author Cody Ziglar expressed his enthusiasm for steering the Deadpool series, stating, "Wade's been one of my favorite characters since I first got into superhero comics, so being asked to helm a Deadpool series was a dream come true." Ziglar is eager to explore Wade's unique approach to being an (almost) unkillable mercenary and delve into his complex family dynamics.

Marvel has also revealed a spectacular array of variant covers for Deadpool #1, featuring the artistic prowess of industry superstars. Artists such as Ryan Stegman, Javier Garrón, Jan Bazaldua, and even Deadpool's creator, Rob Liefeld, contribute explosive and dynamic visuals to grace the covers.

Readers can feast their eyes on the full lineup of variant covers, showcasing different artistic styles and interpretations of the beloved character. The variants include a Foil Variant Cover by Inhyuk Lee, a Vampire Variant Cover by Javier Garrón, and a Stormbreakers Variant Cover by Jan Bazaldua, among others.

Fans eager to dive into Deadpool's latest misadventures can now preorder Deadpool #1 at their local comic shops. For additional information, visit Deadpool #1, with its plethora of variant covers, promises an action-packed and humor-filled ride when it hits shelves on April 3, 2024. Don't miss out on the return of Marvel's most iconic mercenary!

Deadpool #1 – 75960620897500111 
On sale April 3 2024
Written by Cody Ziglar
Art by Rogê Antônio
Cover by Taurin Clarke
Foil Variant Cover by Inhyuk Lee – 75960620897500121 
Variant Cover by Rob Liefeld – 75960620897500181 
Variant Cover by Ryan Stegman – 75960620897500117 
Variant Cover by Miguel Mercado – 75960620897500151 
Virgin Variant Cover by Miguel Mercado – 75960620897500116 
Vampire Variant Cover by Javier Garròn – 75960620897500131 
Saturday Morning Connecting Cover by Sean Galloway – 75960620897500161 
Stormbreakers Variant Cover by Jan Bazaldua – 75960620897500171 
Micronauts Variant Cover by Pete Woods – 75960620897500191 
Blank Variant Cover – 75960620897500141 
On Sale 4/3

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