High Tech - Cooler Master Unveils the Wireless Hybrid Keyboard MK770

By Mulder, 06 february 2024

Cooler Master, a global leader in designing and manufacturing innovative gaming peripherals, proudly announces the launch of the wireless hybrid MK770 keyboard, an advanced mechanical gaming keyboard designed for unparalleled customization, outstanding gaming performance, and an immersive user experience. "With the MK770, we aimed to redefine the boundaries of customization," stated Jimmy Sha, CEO of Cooler Master. "It's not just about stunning visuals and exceptional performance, but also about providing the user with a unique personal experience."

Explore a world where every keystroke feels just right. The Cooler Master MK770 wireless hybrid keyboard is more than technology — it's a true extension of you. Whether you're battling in a game, writing a story, or designing tomorrow's masterpiece, the MK770 ensures that every interaction is effortless. Dive into an experience where comfort meets innovation, elevating your performance and enjoyment. Perfect for intense gaming sessions, the MK770 is built to last. Reliable, programmable, durable, and efficient, the MK770 keyboard attests to Cooler Master's commitment to quality. Whether you're immersed in a marathon gaming session or tackling a demanding design project, this keyboard promises to be your loyal companion.

The MK770 sets a new standard for gaming keyboards with its hot-swappable mechanical switches. This advanced feature allows gamers and typists to customize their experience without the need for soldering, offering countless customization possibilities. Equipped with the latest KailhBox V2 switches, the MK770 provides a smooth typing experience with factory-applied lubrication. The keyboard's innovative key seal structure further enhances this experience by reducing vibrations and noise, ensuring that each keystroke is comfortable and precise.

The MK770 not only delivers exceptional performance but is also visually stunning. Thanks to its customizable RGB backlighting, users can illuminate each key with multiple modes and effects. The noise-absorbing keyboard design, featuring silicone dampeners and EVA, complements its visual appeal by mitigating keystroke sounds, providing a more focused gaming environment.

The MK770 boasts double-injection PBT keys (for ISO layout keyboards only), ensuring increased durability and vibrant colors with an impressive PBT content of up to 85%. The 3-way scroll wheel offers tactile control and is fully customizable through Cooler Master's Master Control software.

The new pre-lubricated and factory-optimized CM stabilizers offer smoother movement and eliminate rattling, further enhancing the typing experience. The keyboard's hybrid wireless connectivity ensures minimal latency and low power consumption, making it an excellent choice for gaming and daily use.

The MK770 is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, ensuring seamless integration with any setup. To match its superior performance, the keyboard is available in Space Grey and Macaron colors, allowing users to choose the perfect aesthetic for their gaming setup or workspace.

The Cooler Master MK770 mechanical gaming keyboard will be available in February at the suggested retail price of €119.99 in its Space Grey and Macaron versions.

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(Source: press release)