Home release - Fnac Édition on Demand expands its offering with rare vinyl and film reissues

By Mulder, 04 december 2023

Fnac, the famous French retailer and market leader in record stores, continues to innovate by expanding its Fnac Édition sur Demande service. Having enjoyed great success with film reissues, the platform is now opening up to vinyl, offering music lovers a unique opportunity to rediscover albums that were once impossible to find.

Launched last March, the Fnac Édition sur Demande platform enables Internet users to pre-order a varied selection of cultural works in new formats, collector's editions, reissues or special and exclusive Fnac editions. Operating on the principle of a crowdfunding campaign, this initiative aims to give a second life to cultural works threatened with oblivion.

From December 4, music lovers will be able to select from a first wave of 24 albums, including a Blues Vintage Seri" collection, live recordings and soundtracks. With this new offer, Fnac continues its commitment to cultural diversity, and strives to promote musical plurality.

The process is simple: if a project reaches the required number of pre-orders during the campaign, it will be manufactured and delivered to customers within two months of pre-orders closing. The necessary order threshold is determined by the publishers, and validated projects are exclusively available on the Fnac Édition sur Demande platform for a limited time.

With the success of the first film reissues, Fnac is extending its initiative to satisfy music fans, enabling them to build up their ideal record library. The list of audio projects currently available on the platform can be consulted here.

Fnac Édition sur Demande is a further step in Fnac's ongoing commitment to preserving and sharing cultural heritage, while offering enthusiasts a unique and personalized experience.

Discover the list of audio projects currently offered on the platform via the following link: Fnac édition sur demande musique - Coffrets, CD, Vinyle, Live | fnac here and check out our video projects here

Present in 12 countries, Fnac Darty is a European leader in the sale of entertainment and leisure products, consumer electronics and household appliances. The Group, which employs over 25,000 people, has a multi-format network of 987 stores by the end of December 2022, and is positioned as a major e-commerce player in France (nearly 24 million unique visitors per month on average) with its three merchant sites, fnac.com, darty.com and natureetdecouvees.com. A leading omnichannel player, Fnac Darty is expected to generate sales of around €8 billion by 2022, 22% of which online. For more information: www.fnacdarty.com. In the event of insufficient reservations when the campaign closes, customers will not be charged and the project will be removed from the store or potentially rescheduled at a later date, in another format.

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