Netflix - Obliterated : A Wild Ride of Espionage, Debauchery, and UnconventionalĀ 

By Mulder, 30 november 2023

Created by the creators of Cobra Kai, the series Obliterated promised a heady mix of humor, espionage and no-holds-barred partying, and it did just that, kicking off with a bang and leaving viewers both exhilarated and intrigued.

The series begins with a captivating premise: an elite Special Forces team embarks on a mission to thwart a nuclear threat in vibrant Las Vegas, only to unravel a deceptive plot that propels them into a wild and unpredictable adventure. Led by CIA agent Ava (Shelley Hennig) and SEAL team leader Chad (Nick Zano), the characters find themselves navigating high-stakes missions while grappling with the fallout from an epic party gone wrong.

One of the key features of "Obliterated" is its decidedly raw tone, much like Amazon's acclaimed The Boys series. The story is infused with debauchery, humor and a pinch of classic spy conventions, creating a unique blend that sets the series apart. The chemistry between the actors, led by memorable performances from Terrence Terrell as SEAL Trunk and C. Thomas Howell as the unhinged bomb technician Hagerty, enhances the series' appeal.

In the early episodes, the series masterfully balances comedy and action, offering a refreshingly entertaining concept that feels like a cross between Mission: Impossible and The Hangover. The often low-brow humor manages to find moments of genuine charm and camaraderie amid the chaos. The action sequences, filmed in the authentic Las Vegas setting, are visually impressive and overcome the difficulties associated with the actual locations.

However, as the series progresses, it faces the daunting task of maintaining its initial momentum. The use of recurring jokes and gags is beginning to wear thin, and the eight-episode format feels stretched, leading to narrative digressions that sometimes detract from the overall experience. Despite the imminent threat of a ticking time bomb, the plot lacks the mounting tension expected in a high-stakes thriller.

Yet Obliterated is not without its merits. The actors' unwavering chemistry and commitment to their roles shine through, contributing significantly to the series' enduring charm. The action sequences, although their impact diminishes towards the end of the episodes, underline the meticulous efforts made to capture the essence of a spy thriller. The unexpected twists and turns injected into the narrative manage to keep viewers interested in the unfolding drama.

Obliterated is a roller-coaster of debauchery and action, beginning with a promising climax but gradually running out of steam. Despite its flaws, the series remains a fun and unconventional addition to Netflix's line-up, offering a temporary escape into a world where elite agents try to save the day while battling the consequences of their own excesses.

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Synopsis : 
An elite Special Forces team tracks down a terrorist network planning to attack Las Vegas. After a festive, high-alcohol end-of-mission party, the team discovers that the bomb they deactivated was a decoy...

Created by Jon Hurwitz Hayden Schlossberg, Josh Heald
Starring  Nick Zano, Shelley Hennig, Terrence Terrell, Alyson Gorske, C. Thomas Howell, Eugene Kim, Paola Lázaro, Kimi Rutledge
Executive producers : Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, Josh Heald, Dina Hillier
Production companies : Counterbalance Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television Studios
Network :Netflix
Release : November 30, 2023 (World)
Running time : 44–58 minutes

Photos: Copyright Netflix

Score : 3.5/5