VideoGames - Dead by Daylight: Chucky has arrived and wants to play with you

By Mulder, 28 november 2023

Today, the gates of terror open wide in the Dead by Daylight universe, as Chucky, the iconic murderous doll, makes his long-awaited entry into the game. Players around the world can now immerse themselves in a renewed horrific gaming experience, embodying the dreaded Good Guy and wreaking havoc among the Survivors.

The Dead by Daylight community has been clamoring for the arrival of Chucky for years, and now it's a reality thanks to the joint efforts of Behaviour Interactive and Universal Products & Experiences. Despite the challenges posed by Chucky's diminutive stature, the development team worked hard to ensure a seamless integration, making Chucky the very first Killer to benefit from a third-person camera.

Chucky brings a new playful dimension to Dead by Daylight, a touch of dark humor and terror that only the Good Guy can infuse. His unique style of tormenting his victims, combined with his sharp tongue, is fully reflected in this all-new chapter. Players can expect a faithful recreation of Chucky's murderous mayhem, with outrageous lines delivered by original double Brad Dourif.

Although small in stature, Chucky's cruelty should not be underestimated. His sinister laugh and memorable lines could well be the last thing the Survivors hear. Equipped with unique skills, Chucky becomes a formidable threat. His special ability, Hidey-Ho mode, creates disorienting footsteps and visual effects, confusing Survivors with sounds coming from multiple directions.

In Hidey-Ho mode, Chucky can perform two unique actions: Precipitate and Chop Menu. Precipitate allows Chucky to leap through windows or under pallets, startling Survivors. The Hacher Menu action allows him to rush and leap towards the Survivors, wounding them with his fearsome knife.

The chapter also introduces three unique skills for Chucky. The Spell: Two can play skill blinds any Survivor who tries to stun or blind Chucky. The Friends for Life skill exposes Obsession and reveals its aura when Chucky hooks a non-obsessed Survivor. Finally, Batteries Included allows Chucky to increase his movement speed when he enters the perimeter of a completed Generator.

Accompanying this release, the Friends for Life Collection features two iconic Chucky outfits. The Chucky Risen from the Dead outfit presents him in his iconic patched look, while the Brave Girl outfit introduces Chucky's fiancée Tiffany in the Mist, accompanied by lines from the voice of actress Jennifer Tilly.

Dead by Daylight: Chucky is now available on Steam, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Epic Games Store, Windows Store, and soon on Nintendo Switch. Your new best friend awaits you for a terrifying and unforgettable gaming experience.

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Dead by Daylight
Développeur : Behaviour Interactive
Éditeurs : 505 Games, Behaviour Interactive, Deep Silver, NetEase Games, Starbreeze Studios
Réalisateurs :  Ashley Pannell, Dave Richard, Mathieu Coté
Producteur : Stéfan Beauchamp-Daniel
Programmeurs : Fadi Beyrouti, Jean-Philip Desjardins, Rémi Veilleux
Artistes : Filip Ivanovic, Marc Salha
Scénario : Farah Daoud-Brixi
Compositeur : Michel F. April
Moteur : Unreal Engine 4
Plateformes : Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Stadia, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5
Sortie : Windows (14 juin 2016) , PlayStation 4, Xbox One (23 juin 2017), Nintendo Switch (24 septembre 2019), Android, iOS (17 avril 2020), Stadia (1er octobre 2020), Xbox Series X/S (10 novembre 2020), PlayStation 5 (19 novembre 2020)