Events - The 3bis - The voice recognition Blindtest invites itself in the biggest gaming bar of the capital

By Mulder, 23 may 2023

The 3bis is a first level with a game bar, and a second level of 380 m2 with six private lounges in breathtaking settings: Cuba, Sitcom (two lounges of different capacity), 80's, Big Brother, Toys.

In October 2022 opened in the heart of Bercy Village the largest gaming bar in the capital: the 3Bis. A veritable temple of adult entertainment, 3Bis has six private lounges in which game enthusiasts can choose the mode of their choice with a simple lever movement: karaoke, quiz, retrogaming, dance-floor, and now...The Blindtest with voice recognition in breathtaking settings! Modes that can be changed at any time for maximum fun and entertainment!

Once in your living room, all you have to do is activate the mode of your choice with a lever: Karaoke - more than 50,000 songs, Quiz - 20-question quizzes divided into 3 rounds, Disco-Club - with access to Spotify and now the voice recognition Blindtest - 6,000 songs divided into more than 60 playlists

3Bis, the address dedicated to entertainment, has a new mode for game lovers: the voice recognition Blindtest. This game bar promises a unique and totally immersive experience by bringing together in one place the best of entertainment: board games in a dedicated bar, karaoke, quizzes, retro gaming, dance floor and voice recognition blindtest in private rooms with totally immersive settings. Ready to activate the mode of your choice with a simple lever movement?

In an urban atmosphere reminiscent of New York streets, 3Bis covers 500 m2, spread over two levels and organized into several spaces to satisfy everyone's desires:
- A first level of 120 m2 on the first floor which hosts the game bar, a restaurant and a bar hidden in a foodtruck decor;
- A second level of 380 m2 located in the basement with 6 private lounges, as well as a second bar, also taking the appearance of a foodtruck.

The private lounges promise a warm atmosphere to meet in a space designed like an apartment. Each lounge is entirely decorated in a universe inspired by great classics: Cuba, Sitcom (two lounges with different capacities), 80's, Big Brother, Toys. The 3Bis also offers a catering service on the spot and to take away, as well as a brunch offer on weekends.

6 private rooms for a total immersion... :
Cuba lounge for 4-5 people. 2 x Sitcom lounges (2 different capacities)
80's lounge for 6-8 people Big Brother lounge for 6-9 people
Toys lounge for 6-9 people

...and more than one lever to activate for the atmosphere of your choice:
- Blindtest: equipped with a cell phone and thanks to voice recognition, all you have to do is find the name of the artist, solo or in a team, from a catalog of 6,000 titles divided into more than 60 playlists. On your marks, get set, shout!
- Karaoke: a desire to prepare for the next auditions of The Voice or to prove that your concert is not only done under your shower? You'll be spoilt for choice with access to over 50,000 songs.
- Quiz: questions you've never asked yourself before: useless knowledge, fun facts, bluffing, and lots of funny answers. Fun above all for questions that will put everyone on an equal footing. Challenge your friends on quizzes of 20 questions divided into 3 rounds (MCQs, bluff, MCQs with speed), buzzers "like on TV", and a catalog of more than 1,500 questions, each more absurd than the last, but all equally funny.
- Disco-Club: Want to turn your living room into a private nightclub? With Spotify and an iPad, access the tracks of your choice and create your dream playlist for a crazy atmosphere. Prepare your swing because you will not be able to resist the sound and light shows!

Infos and reservations
Prices : Game bar: 3.50 euros / person / hour - free after the 3rd hour. No obligation of consumption.
Lounges :
- 15 euros / person / hour in full hours (evenings and weekends)
- 11 euros / person / hour during off-peak hours (before 6pm from Monday to Friday)
Address : 41 rue des Pirogues - 75012 Paris - Subway : Cour Saint-Emilion (Line 14)
Opening hours : From 11am to 2am from Monday to Saturday. And from 10h30 to 00h on Sunday
Fully accessible to people with reduced mobility thanks to specific arrangements

The 3BIS on social networks
Facebook : le3bisparis
Instagram : @le3_bis
Linkedin: Le3Bis
Tik Tok: Le3Bis

(Source: press release)