Toys - Mattel Christmas 2022: The Plush Range

By Mulder, 18 november 2022

This year, the Mattel group is rolling out the red carpet for its Christmas Festival. Its emblematic brands, unavoidable and always more surprising, will amaze children and adults at the foot of the Christmas tree. Iconic Barbie® and Fisher-Price® toys are invited to the festivities, as well as the four-wheelers and the spectacular Hot Wheels®, Matchbox® and Cars® racing circuits, and the indisputable UNOTM, ScrabbleTM and PictionnaryTM board games for intergenerational recreation; children's favorite worlds such as Sam the Fireman, The Patrol, Thomas and his friends, Polly Pocket or Harry Potter, but also brands aimed at Kidults with Mega Pokémon construction games and figurines from Masters of the Universe®, Jurassic World or Buzz Lightyear...

An event not to be missed, bringing together toy brands that have crossed generations: over 90 years for Fisher-Price®, over 60 years for Barbie® or even over 50 years for Hot Wheels®. These are brands that have captured the hearts of families and that today maintain a strong attachment with their consumers. Much more than toys, they are now part of the culture and daily life of the French. Television, VOD platforms, derivative products, mobile games, digital content and soon the cinema with the long-awaited Barbie movie... Mattel continues its revolution and is now a powerful player in the entertainment industry.

Who wouldn't fall in love with the adorable collection of plush toys inspired by the most emblematic characters of the Stars Wars, Marvel, E.T., The Extra-Terrestrial or Winnie the Pooh cinematic universes? Plushies for the whole family, which will please the youngest as well as the parents fans of pop culture!

Groot plush with functions: a plush with groove!

This star character from the Marvel universe can be found in the new Disney+ series "I'm Groot" but also on the dance floor! This 28cm soft plush is more adorable than ever and pronounces the iconic "I'am Groot" in several ways. He is equipped with a sound detection system that allows him to sway to the rhythm of any outside music.

Animated star wars grogu plush : the force at the foot of the tree

This Grogu is sure to (re)win the hearts of Star Wars fans! This 28 cm plush has a soft fabric body and a soft plastic head, as well as stunning details true to the character from the hit series "The Mandalorian" and "The Book of Boba Fett". When you hug Grogu, the plush toy comes to life, blinks, makes sounds and raises his arm as if he's mastering the Force for a stunning effect!

E.T. plush with functions : e.t. at home !

The plush with the effigy of the most famous lost little alien will remind the most nostalgic of some mythical scenes from the cinematographic masterpiece E.T. the alien. This plush makes sounds, utters phrases including the iconic "E.T. phone home" and has a fun light-up finger. This plush E.T. is a tribute to 40 years of unforgettable adventures!

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger with sound functions: the adorable plushies to cuddle

The 30.5 cm Winnie the Pooh and Tigger plush toys with original textures offer children a soft and cuddly version of their favorite characters from the adventures of Winnie the Pooh and his friends. With adorable features, the plushies talk and sing when baby presses their respective paws. For a touching and fun experience, children will be able to bounce or dance with Tigger, who can move his arms, or walk with Winnie the Pooh, who can walk on his feet!

(source : press kit)