Convention - SDCC 2022 : Unsung Comic Con Heroes

By Mulder, 14 july 2022

While traveling about downtown San Diego these past couple of days, a MulderVille.Net reporting representative actually became fast friends to some important but un-noticed people who help Comic Con International.
Near the intersection of 5th and K Street, the reporter spoke with Tyler, co-owner of "Off The Wall", a building wraps type of company.  For this year, they are responsible for the building wraps that are promoting the new Prime Video series "The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power" at the southwest corner of 5th and K.  With two days of work done so far, they have placed at least 3 complete wall wrap posters.  Two of them are along 5th, while the third building wrap poster is on K.  They have at least one more each along each street to still install, and a third installation that is going to be pool side in the building complex in that corner.
Tyler himself has been co-owner of "Off The Wall" for at least six years now and has enjoyed every time he and his crew puts up these huge posters.  Over these past two days, the reporter has easily witnessed Tyler being a leader for his crew and is on one of the three lifting cranes they use to install the building wraps. Tyler is NOT sitting behind a desk barking orders.  He leads his crew from the front, setting the example in the field on how it is supposed to be done.  And doing so for easily several hours in a row in the nice but bright sunny day of San Diego.  Interestingly, Tyler did say though that his partner for "Off The Wall" has been doing this for lots longer.
So, if you think all the building poster wraps you see decorating the different buildings are pretty awesome, please keep in mind that some hard working guys spent an easy week under the bright San Diego sun, trying to make them all beautiful for your eyes while enjoying Comic Con International 2022.  Those guys deserve your praise!!
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photos and video : Alvin  Revilas
Written by Alvin Revilas