VOD - The honeymoon phase : a good sci-fi paranoiac thriller , August 21st theatrical/digital release

By Mulder, 16 august 2020

“Our film explores what happens when the honeymoon phase ends and strips down a relationship to it’s very core - two people with selfish desires for each other. It dives deep into what relationship gaslighting looks like as a form of control and examines how people can hide their true selves from their partner. It’s an occurrence that is unfortunately all too common in many toxic relationships. Through the lens of a sci-fi thriller, we hope to capture a wide audience who will watch the film for the steamy thrills, but leave shaken and moved by the tragic breakdown of a young couple’s relationship. We hope to shed light on the issues women and men sometimes face in passionate relationships when one partner begins to exert control over another and start a dialogue about how we can all be better partners to the ones we love.”

The honeymoon phase takes the doubts and challenges we all have in relationships and turns them on their head. The film is a psychological thriller with a terrifying sci-fi twist that explores just what causes relationships to crumble when built upon a false foundation. It answers the question, just how far can you go to deceive your partner. Who are you married to...?

As a paranoid sci-fi thriller about the nature of trust in relationships, The Honeymoon Phase is as much classic Twilight Zone as contemporary Black Mirror, and an all-too-terrifying answer to the question, "How well can you ever really know someone?"

Synopsis :
Why should the honeymoon phase end? Why can’t it last forever... Down on their luck and searching for work while they wait for their fiancée visa to go through, Tom (Jim Schubin - Boardwalk Empire), a struggling first time novelist, and Eve (Chloe Carroll), an out-of-work artist, enter The millennium project - an experiment run by the mysterious Director (François Chau - Lost; The Expanse) and Handler (Tara Westwood - The Grudge, 2019). With the promise of $50,000, Tom and Eve agree to live in research facility housing for a month while their relationship is analyzed. What appears to be the perfect opportunity for Tom to complete his first novel turns into a nightmare as the experiment slowly tears the two apart. Over the course of their stay, Eve descends into madness as Tom’s newfound obsessions trigger her to question if he really is the man she thinks he is. Eve’s pleas to return home fall on deaf ears as Tom tells her they have to finish the study orforfeit the fifty grand. Desperate to have her relationship return to normal, Eve hatches a plan that ultimately reveals the truth behind the experiment and the answer to why the honeymoon phase can never last forever.

The Honeymoon phase
Written and Directed by Phillip G. Carroll JR.
Produced by Phillip G. Carroll Jr., John G. Carroll, Chloe Carroll, and Jess Weiss
Starring: Jim Schubin, Chloe Carroll, Tara Westwood and Francois Chau
Music by Chris Ryan
Cinematography : Joe Staehly
Distributed by Dark Sky Films (United States)
Release Date : August 21 2020 (United States)
Running Time: 89mns

Photos : copyright Dark Sky Films