Festivals - Fantasia 2020 : Unearth, World Premiere Augut 25 and 30

By Mulder, 15 august 2020

The realities of an impending environmental crisis are released from the shadows in Unearth. Not only revealing the dangers of fracking, but also exposing growing hardships faced by independent farmers, rural communities and families, John C. Lyons and Dorota Swies’s cinematography and direction immerse you in a world that is all too familiar but also exceedingly haunting and foreign. This, combined with a killer soundtrack and some truly disturbing gore, will have you at the edge of your seat. A stellar cast of equal parts fresh (Brooke Sorenson, Rachel McKeon) and familiar faces (Blucas, Barbeau, and P. J. Marshall of American Horror Story and Luke Cage) make this environmental and familial collapse all the more tragic

Synopsis :
Falling on hard times, George Lomack (masterfully played by Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s Marc Blucas) is desperate to save his family. Pushed to the very edge and barely making ends meet, he turns to the one place that can save his home, the gas and oil industry. Not heeding the warnings of his sagacious neighbor (portrayed by legend Adrienne Barbeau of The Fog and Escape from New York), it soon becomes abundantly clear that Lomack has made a deal with the devil. A creeping terror has been released from the depths of his fertile land while George’s family become shadows of their former selves. Now the two neighbours fight for survival against a poison that is infecting their soil.

Directed by John C. Lyons, Dorota Swies
Produced by Marc Blucas, John C. Lyons, Allison McAtee, Dorota Swies
Written by Kelsey Goldberg, John C. Lyons
Starring Adrienne Barbeau, Marc Blucas, P.J. Marshall, Allison McAtee, Rachel McKeon, Brooke Sorenson, Monica Wyche
Music by Jane Saunders
Cinematography : Eun-ah Lee
Edited by Eun-ah Lee
Release date : Augsut 25 2020 (Canada)
Running time : 94mns

(Source : Fantasia 2020 official website)