Festivals - Fantasia 2020 : PVT chat , World Premiere

By Mulder, 12 august 2020

Directed by Ben Hozie, frontman of Bodega, PVT Chat is a transgressive, kinky and darkly funny plunge into loneliness and intimate connections in an endlessly connected world. A film about the hyper-connectivity of contemporary life rooted in a verité New York City environment, PVT Chat explores relationships and sex filtered through an online medium. Fox and Vack channel vulnerability in their incredible lead performances, laying bare the intricacies of love and sex bolstered and broken by contemporary technology. Also featuring Buddy Duress (Uncut Gems) and Keith Poulson (Chained for life), the film brings a vibrant and immersive vision of New York to life. Especially resonant in a time of social crisis, PVT Chat inquires deeply on the evolving nature of eroticism in a world increasingly bereft of physical intimacy..

Synopsis :
The soft, red glow of a computer screen illuminates a grungy New York apartment. Jack (Peter Vack from 2017 Fantasia favourite Asshles) furiously jerks off as San-Francisco camgirl Scarlet (a magnetic Julia Fox) unzips a black leather jumpsuit. She then exposes herself, then sits back, cigarette in hand; Her relaxed indifference is a central feature of her appeal. Jack gambles online during the day and spends his winnings on Scarlet at night. As their conversations deepen and their relationship progresses beyond just customer and client, however, Jack wants to meet. Separated by middle America, Scarlet insists on the impossibility of their meeting until Jack spots her on a rainy street in New York’s Chinatown. Is Jack’s obsession twisting his perception, and does Scarlet have a reason to lie?

PVT chat
Written and Directed by Ben Hozie
Produced by Oliver David
Starring Nikki Belfiglio, Atticus Cain, Buddy Duress, Julia Fox, Kevin Moccia, Keith Poulson, Peter Vack, David White
Music by Austin Brown
Cinematography : Ben Hozie
Edited by Ben Hozie
Running time : 86mns

(Source : Fantasia 2020 official website)