Festivals - Fantasia 2020: Legally declared dead, North American premiere

By Mulder, 11 august 2020

A suspicious suicide plunges a righteous insurance broker into an investigation where his own life is at stake. The coroner ruled it a suicide, but Mr. Yip is convinced that Mr. Chu was killed by his son in order to claim his life insurance money - and his visually impaired wife could be next on the list! During Yip's search, a flurry of threats greets him, but the real mastermind behind the operation may have orchestrated something even more malicious, and everyone around him will soon be in danger.

A disturbing thriller from director Yuen Kim-Wai, who elevates the genre by tackling a subject as delicate as suicide, while maintaining suspense from beginning to end and populating his story with rich and complex characters. Adapted from Yusuke Kishi's famous Japanese novel Black House, Yuen's film, which has been used in numerous music videos and commercials, has a powerful visual style and beautiful, haunting music by award-winning composer Yusuke Hatano (Full Strike, Fantasia 2015). Anthony Wong (The Untold Story, Infernal Affairs) delivers another distinctive performance in the role of an unstable father who may be a monster. Hong Kong's critically acclaimed number one box-office hit...

Synopsis :
Insurance agent Sean is called to visit Tak and Ling’s home to follow up on a life insurance policy. When he goes into the bathroom, he is shocked to see their son’s corpse hanging above him. When he sees Tak’s cold, emotion-less response to the child’s death, Sean – a righteous and kind-hearted man dedicated to his job – begins to suspect Tak and Ling may have murdered his son for the insurance money. When the police conclude that there was no foul play at work and the insurance claim is approved, Sean decides to lead his own investigation instead. However, as Sean becomes obsessed over Tak’s guilt, his kind nature is used against him by the real perpetrator. Sean begins to receive one disturbing threat after another at home, and the people around him are put in danger. Before Sean finally uncovers the shocking truth, the hunter becomes the hunted as the real killer forces Sean into a psychological battle of wills that sends him into the limbo between good and evil.

Legally declared dead
Written and directed by Yuen Kim-Wai
Produced by Jason Siu
Starring Anthony Wong, Carlos Chan, Karena Lam, Kathy Yuen
Music by Yusuke Hatano, Timo Jaeger
Cinematography : Ronnie Ching
Edited by Chung Kim-Wai
Release date : 5 December 2019 (Hong Kong)
Running time : 109mns

(Source : Fantasia 2020 official website)