Gaming - Retro gaming : Alone in the Dark

By Mulder, 24 february 2019

In 1992, Alone in the Dark was released by the French guys of Infogrames.

If we except the Arcade Games, Alone in the Dark was probably the first 3D survival-horror game to be edited. It was in 1992. Direct by the genius Frederick Raynal, the game told the story of a detective sent in a haunted house in Louisiana in 1924. The first awsome idea was to let the gamer choose the character he wanted to play: a male one, Edward Cramby or Emily Hartwood, the female one, heiress of the mansion.

To advance in the game and the scenario it was mandatory for the gamers to resolve puzzles, solves problems and find solutions.. and most of all stay alive by avoiding and killing ghosts and monsters. To do that, he had a full arsenal of different weapons and had to manage is own inventory of weapons and usefull tools. Several games continued to use that years after.

This first game was the beginning of a long serie. Alone in the Dark 2 came in 1997, and the 3th episode arrived in 2001. In 2008, the saga was taken by Eden Games but the video game produced wasn’t as good as the old fashion original ATD. In 2015, Pure FPS took in chance. The original game inspired two movies originally named Alone in the Dark and Alone in the Dark... 2 !

Alone in the Dark
Developer : Infogrames
Publisher : Infogrames (Europe), Motion (North America)
Director : Frédérick Raynal
Producer : Bruno Bonnell
Programmers : Frédérick Raynal, Franck De Girolami
Artists : Didier Chanfray, Yaél Barroz, Jean-Marc Torroella
Writers : Hubert Chardot, Franck Manzetti
Composer : Philippe Vachey
Platforms : MS-DOS, PC-98, FM Towns, 3DO, Mac OS, RISC OS, iOS
Release : 1992