Corporate - Mulderville : One upon a time Melissa Mars participates in Mulderville US

By Mulder, Los Angeles, 20 june 2017

« Because music, cinema , art in general have no borders, no religion » - Melissa Mars

Our media will celebrate in a few months (in September) its fourteenth year of existence and has experienced many changes since its creation, and we have the same desire to share our true love for cinema, series, video games and music. Since the creation of our media, I have been happy to be the editor in chief and I have been lucky to surround myself over the years with many different collaborators: Joshua (US polemaker LA, USA) Justin (editor, LA, USA), Natasha (photographer, LA, USA), Dan (comic con free con, SD , USA), Margot (editor Paris), Sylvain (webmaster) and me as editor-in –chief and multi-tasking.

With more than 5,400 online reviews (4416 films), over 200 full transcripts of press conferences, press coverage of Film Festivals (Calcoa French Film Festival (LA), Deauville American Film Festival, etc.) and several Cultural events , both in Los Angeles and San Diego and Paris, exclusive interviews our media has gradually been heard and participated in many events.

This devouring passion from this day allows us to benefit from the arrival in our team of an international artist whom we appreciate and who lives now between Los Angeles and New York , who will come to support us and share our passion for cinema, music and the series.

Melissa Mars, actress and singer songwriter, will play the exclusive reporters for our media between Los Angeles and New York! She will share her passion for movies and music with us and write "MarSian" chronicles and reviews for Mulderville. We will also follow and relay all her news in the worlds of TV, cinema and music.

We could not dream of a better collaborator to cover some of the events in Los Angeles and New York (private screenings, concerts and other events). It is a real honor for our media, we are very proud to be able to work with her to continue our development in the USA.

Melissa Mars Filmography:
1999 - Manhood and Other Modern Dilemmas by Ronan Girre
2001 - One Way Ticket by Laurent Heynemann
2010 - From Paris with Love by Pierre Morel
2010 - Mozart The Rock Opera filmed-in-3D version of the musical
2014 - The Cabining by Steve Kopera
2015 – Assassin’s Games by Anoop Rangi
2015 - Sorrow by Millie Loredo
2015 - Six Ways To Die by Nadeem Soumah
2016 - Curse of Mesopotamia by Lauand Omar
2016 - Virtual Revolution by Guy Roger Duvert
Lost Angelas, by William Wayne
The Letter Red by Joston Theney
Texas Zombie Wars – trilogy by AK Waters
The Lease by Nadeem Soumah

Melissa Mars Discography (album et single and participations)
2003 - Et alors! (Polydor) (album)
2005 - La Reine des abeilles (Polydor) (album)
2005 - Les Homéricains (duo avec Lara Fabian) (single)
2006 – 1980 (duo avec Pascal Obispo) (single)
2007 - À la recherche de l'amour perdu (Polydor) (album)
2009 – Mozart, l’opéra rock
2011 – Et je jeux danser / I just only wanna Dance (single et E.P)
2014 – Tweet N’Roll (single)
2016 – I Will rise (single)

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