Premiere - The Strangers: Chapter 1 : Los Angeles Rolls Out the Red Carpet for the Premiere

By Mulder, Los Angeles, Regal LA Live, 08 may 2024

Last night, the bustling heart of Los Angeles, the Regal LA Live, transformed into a haven for horror aficionados as Lionsgate unveiled its latest cinematic endeavor, The Strangers: Chapter 1. This premiere not only showcased the city’s undying allure for cinematic celebrations but also marked a pivotal moment in the resurgence of a renowned horror series that has captivated audiences worldwide. The excitement was palpable, as the red carpet event drew a constellation of stars and creatives integral to the film’s production.

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Directed by Renny Harlin, and written by the proficient screenwriting pair Alan R. Cohen and Alan Freedland, The Strangers: Chapter 1 promises to invigorate the narrative originally conceived by Bryan Bertino. This film is not merely a continuation but a bold reimagining that aims to explore deeper into the terrifying encounters with psychopathic strangers, providing a fresh yet horrifying perspective that harks back to the roots of the series. Among the glittering attendees were the film’s ensemble, including Madelaine Petsch, who is not only the star but also an executive producer, alongside Froy Gutierrez, Ema Horvath, and others, each adding their unique charisma to the night’s glamour.

The premiere was particularly notable for its dramatic flair, highlighted by an unexpected and thrilling moment when actors dressed as the iconic masked antagonists from the film burst through a promotional step & repeat wall wielding axes. This spectacle added a layer of immersive fright to the evening, delighting attendees and setting the tone for the film’s chilling theme. Additionally, the event was graced by the presence of Dylan Sprouse and Riverdale alums Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes, who came out to support their friend and former co-star, Petsch, on her momentous evening.

The Strangers: Chapter 1 follows the harrowing journey of Maya and her longtime boyfriend, Ryan, portrayed by Petsch and Gutierrez respectively, as they embark on a road trip to a new beginning in the Pacific Northwest. Their plans take a terrifying detour in Venus, Oregon, where a breakdown forces them to a secluded Airbnb. What was intended to be a peaceful stopover swiftly descends into a nightmarish ordeal as they face off against three sinister masked strangers. This plot not only revisits the terror that made the original films a staple of the horror genre but also expands the universe with new insights into the psyche of both the victims and their tormentors.

The film is set against a backdrop of strategic production decisions, with Lionsgate Films having green-lit not one but three sequels to be produced consecutively, affirming the studio’s confidence in the film’s potential to captivate and terrify audiences. Principal photography took place in Bratislava, Slovakia, a logistical feat given the challenge of shooting three films simultaneously, which speaks volumes about the ambitious vision behind the project.

As the release date approaches, the anticipation among both long-time fans and newcomers is undeniable. With a storyline rich in suspense and terror, a dynamic cast capable of conveying deep emotional and terrifying experiences, and visionary direction, The Strangers: Chapter 1 is poised to not only reignite the franchise's legacy but also to secure a new chapter in the annals of horror cinema. This film, scheduled for release in May 2024, is set to become a significant milestone in the genre, potentially setting new standards for storytelling and thematic exploration in horror.

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On their way to start a new life in the Pacific Northwest, a couple's car breaks down in Oregon, and they are forced to spend the night in an isolated Airbnb where they are sequestered from dusk to dawn by three masked strangers.

The Strangers: Chapter 1
Directed by Renny Harlin
Written by Alan R. Cohen, Alan Freedland
Story by Bryan Bertino
Based on The Strangers by Bryan Bertino
Produced by Alastair Birlingham, Mark Canton, Charlie Dombeck, Christopher Milburn
Starring  Madelaine Petsch, Froy Gutierrez, Gabriel Basso
Cinematography : José David Montero
Music by Justin Burnett
Production companies : Lionsgate Films, Fifth Element Productions, Frame Film
Distributed by Lionsgate Films (United States), Metropolitan Films (France)
Release date : May 15, 2024 (France), May 17, 2024 (United States)

Photos : Copyright Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Lionsgate (for press use only)