Convention - Comic Con France 2024: Game of Thrones reunion: with Alfie Allen, Finn Jones and Natalia Tena

By Mulder, Paris, Porte de Versailles, Hall 7, 30 march 2024

The Game of Thrones Reunion panel at Comic Con France 2024, held in Paris, Porte de Versailles, Hall 7, was a must-see for fans of the iconic series. Bringing together Alfie Allen, Finn Jones and Natalia Tena, three key players in the saga, the event offered a rich and nuanced experience, reflecting the complexity and depth of the universe created by George R. R. Martin. This review explores the different aspects of this panel, highlighting what made this event a memorable moment at Comic Con France 2024.

The presence of Alfie Allen, Finn Jones, and Natalia Tena, playing Theon Greyjoy, Loras Tyrell, and Osha respectively, provided a fascinating dynamic, each bringing their own perspective on their experience within the series. Their personal anecdotes, shared with humor and emotion, gave fans a valuable glimpse behind the scenes of the production, from the physical and emotional challenges to the moments of levity and camaraderie between the actors.

The quality of the animation greatly contributed to the panel's success. The moderator, with his in-depth knowledge of the Game of Thrones universe and a real rapport with the actors, was able to guide the conversation in a fluid and engaging way. The questions asked were both relevant and original, avoiding the pitfalls of repetitive or overly generic questions often encountered in this type of meeting.

A remarkable aspect of this panel was the openness and availability of the players towards the public. The question-and-answer session enabled fans to ask their most burning questions, creating sincere and sometimes touching exchanges. The actors' willingness to share their experiences unfiltered strengthened the bond between them and the fans, making this a genuinely interactive and personal encounter.

The panel brilliantly balanced lightness and seriousness, covering a wide range of topics from difficult scenes to shoot, to reflections on their characters' story arcs, to their vision of the evolution of the series. Discussions also touched on broader themes, such as the impact of Game of Thrones on popular culture and the role of fantasy in the modern TV landscape.

The Game of Thrones Reunion panel at Comic Con France 2024 was a celebration of the series, as much as an exploration of its nuances and legacy. The balance of on-set anecdotes, warm audience interaction and deep thematic discussion captured the essence of what has made Game of Thrones such a defining work. For fans in attendance, it was a precious opportunity to revisit Westeros through the eyes of those who brought it to the screen, leaving an indelible memory of their time at Comic Con France 2024.

With renowned guests such as Ian McDiarmid, Kevin Eastman, Robert Englund, Natalia Tena, and Anthony Daniels, Comic Con France attendees had the unique opportunity to meet their idols through signing sessions and panels. The event also offered a wide range of workshops, enabling fans to deepen their knowledge and skills in various fields related to their passions. The geek market, meanwhile, offered a veritable Alibaba's cave for collectors and lovers of rarities. This first day not only fulfilled the expectations of the participants, but also laid the foundations for a second day full of promise, promising even more discoveries and memorable moments.

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Photos and video : Boris Colletier / Mulderville