Convention - Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show 2024: Tom Felton performs a musical showcase for his fans

By Mulder, Villepinte, Parc des Expositions, 17 march 2024

Tom Felton, famous for his role as Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter film saga, offered a memorable moment at the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show 2024. On March 17 at 11.15am, he dazzled fans with an exceptional musical showcase, marking a high point in this event dedicated to pop culture, science fiction and manga. For half an hour, the actor demonstrated his musical talent by playing guitar and singing, revealing a different facet of his artistic personality away from film sets.

Born on September 22, 1987 in Epsom, Surrey, England, Tom Felton began his acting career in commercials at the age of eight. Before landing the role that would define his career at the age of twelve, he had already appeared in several films. His performance as Draco, Harry Potter's antagonist, was hailed for its depth and nuance, adding increasing complexity to the character over the course of the saga. The saga, adapted from J.K. Rowling's best-selling novels, has been a worldwide phenomenon, both commercially and critically, creating a dedicated and diverse fan community.

Tom Felton's presence at the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show, a showcase for popular culture, science fiction and manga, was a highlight for fans. The convention panel offered a unique opportunity to delve behind the scenes of the making of the Harry Potter films, discover never-before-published anecdotes and interact directly with the actors and creators who brought these fantastical worlds to life. With his accessible approach and enthusiasm for the franchise, Felton shared his experiences on set, revealing the challenges and moments of joy, offering an intimate perspective on the creative process behind the films.

Beyond entertainment, the impact of Harry Potter has inspired a generation to read, dream and believe in the magic of storytelling. The characters and stories have served as a refuge and source of inspiration, teaching values such as courage, friendship and the fight against injustice. Through his role as Draco Malfoy, Tom Felton has contributed to this cinematic saga, offering a nuanced interpretation of redemption and human complexity.

Tom Felton's participation in the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show underlines not only the enduring appeal of Harry Potter, but also the importance of these gathering places for fans. These events allow us to celebrate together the stories that unite us, reflect on their cultural impact, and renew our appreciation for the film's artisans who made the magic real. For fans around the world, the Harry Potter saga and Tom Felton's contributions will remain a source of inspiration and joy for years to come.

The Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show is the leading event for all fans of pop culture, manga, anime and science fiction in France. This biannual show brings together under one roof an impressive diversity of activities, exhibitors and guests of international renown. Whether you're an avid collector, a passionate cosplayer, an inveterate gamer or simply curious about this fascinating universe, the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show offers an unparalleled immersive experience. With booths dedicated to the latest in video games, comics, manga and anime, unique exhibition spaces such as movie cars and iconic sets from cult films and series, and meetings with artists and creators, this show is where passion meets creativity. Each edition is a promise of escape, learning and sharing, making the Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show an unmissable event for the geek community and beyond.

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Practical info
Dates: March 16 & 17, 2024
Venue: Parc des Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte - Hall 5A

Photos and video : Boris Colletier