Convention - Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show 2024: Back to the Future conference with Christopher Lloyd

By Mulder, Villepinte, Parc des Expositions, 17 march 2024

The 2024 Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show hosted an event that captivated sci-fi and film fans worldwide: a conference on the cult series Back to the Future with the legendary presence of Christopher Lloyd. This iconic actor, known for his unforgettable role as Dr. Emmett Brown, offered fans an unparalleled experience, taking the audience behind the scenes of one of the most beloved film franchises of all time.

The conference took place in a packed room, proof of fans' unwavering enthusiasm for Back to the Future, even decades after the release of the first film. Christopher Lloyd, despite the years, captivated the audience with his energy and charisma, sharing anecdotes from the shoot, reflections on his character, and his perception of the trilogy's cultural impact.

Attendees had the unique opportunity to ask questions, creating a vibrant dialogue between actor and fans. Lloyd discussed the preparation required to play the eccentric, science-loving Doc, as well as the challenges and memorable moments encountered on set. He also spoke about his collaboration with Michael J. Fox and director Robert Zemeckis, highlighting the creative chemistry that contributed to the series' phenomenal success.

One of the highlights of the conference was when Christopher Lloyd reflected on the vision of the future presented in Back to the Future II. With humor and insight, he compared the film's predictions with today's world, eliciting laughter and applause from the audience.

The Back to the Future conference at Paris Manga & Sci-Fi Show 2024 wasn't just a nostalgic retrospective of a beloved work; it was also a testament to cinema's timeless ability to inspire, entertain, and bring people together. For the fans in attendance, it was an unforgettable opportunity to connect with a part of their personal and collective history through the words and presence of an iconic figure from this legendary cinematic adventure.

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Practical info
Dates: March 16 & 17, 2024
Venue: Parc des Exwww.parismanga.frpositions Paris Nord Villepinte - Hall 5A

Photos and video : Boris Colletier