Premiere - Dog and Cat: A Memorable Premiere at Gaumont Disney Village

By Mulder, Chessy, Disneyland Paris, Cisney Village, 04 february 2024

Our editors had the privilege of attending an exclusive event at the Gaumont at Disney Village, located in the Disneyland Paris complex. The preview screening of actress, writer and director Reem Kherici's third film, Chien et Chat, was preceded by an enriching meeting with the director herself and talented actor Philippe Lacheau. For almost twenty minutes, Reem Kherici and Philippe Lacheau enthusiastically answered the audience's many questions, offering a captivating foretaste of the film's universe. The only regret, however, was that the meeting could have benefited from better lighting.

From February 14, 2024, moviegoers will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of Chien et Chat, Reem Kherici's latest film. This successful comedy takes us on a thrilling road trip between Montreal and New York, featuring two improbably linked duos.

The ingenious script focuses on Monica, played by Reem Kherici, owner of Diva, an Internet-famous cat. At the same time, the film introduces Jack, brilliantly played by Franck Dubosc, a seasoned thief whose last job involved a stray dog named Chichi, who swallowed a priceless ruby. The disappearance of their precious companions leads our two protagonists on an energetic journey, while their pets have adventures that are as unpredictable as they are amusing.

The casting of Dog and cat is distinguished by its judicious choices, with Reem Kherici playing an endearing Monica, Franck Dubosc forming an electric duo with his undeniable comic talent, and Philippe Lacheau adding a layer of tension as the policeman Brandt. The voices of Inès Reg and Artus as the animals Diva and Chichi complete the ensemble.

Dog and cat is undoubtedly one of this year's must-see comedies, offering a unique experience combining humor, adventure and a special relationship between humans and animals. The film is scheduled for release on February 14, 2024, offering a cinematic Valentine's Day full of humor and surprises.

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For more information, watch the official trailer :

Monica is the owner of Diva, a famous cat and Internet star. Jack is a thief whose latest heist - a huge, priceless ruby - was accidentally swallowed by a stray dog named Chichi. By a quirk of fate, Monica and Jack find themselves separated from their pets, and watch helplessly as they escape to an unknown destination... And so begins a crazy road trip between Montreal and New York for the two duos, who have nothing in common. On one side, the humans who have lost track of their precious pets, and on the other, the animals left to their own devices to find their masters... without knowing that police officer Brandt is on their tail, ready to do anything to get the ruby back.

Dog and Cat
Directed by Reem Kherici
Produced by Jonathan Vanger, Christian Ronget, Sidonie Dumas, Franck Samuel, Pierre Coré, Éric et Nicolas Altmayer
Written by Reem Kherici, Tristan Schulmann
With Franck Dubosc, Reem Kherici, Philippe Lacheau
Music: Laurent Aknin
cinematography: Dominique Fausset      
Editing: Antoine Vareille                               
Production companies: Gaumont Production, La Station Animation, Mandarin Production
Distributed by Gaumont (France)
Release date: February 14, 2024 (France)
Running time: 86 minutes

Photos and Video : Boris Colletier / Mulderville