Exhibition - Tutankhamun, the Pharaonic Immersive Experience: A Successful Immersion in Ancient Egypt Unveiled in Paris

By Mulder, Paris, Galeries Montparnasse, 02 february 2024

Egyptian wonder embraces Paris with the long-awaited inauguration of Tutankhamun's Pharaonic Immersive Experience. The Galeries Montparnasse, now the sanctuary of this historic odyssey, opens its doors to a grandiose 3,000 m2 space, promising visitors a fascinating plunge into ancient history, the solving of enigmas and the discovery of the young pharaoh's priceless treasures. 

Paris, already steeped in rich Egyptian history, welcomes a captivating new attraction with the immersive Tutankhamun experience. From the banks of the Seine to the Louvre Pyramid, the French capital offers a unique journey back in time, but this exceptional exhibition promises an unparalleled adventure. This 3,000 m2 immersive exhibition opens at Galeries Montparnasse, offering an unprecedented educational and interactive experience that totally won us over.

The Tutankhamun immersive experience stands out for its monumental scale. The creative minds behind the Ramses and Tutankhamun exhibitions at La Villette have imagined an adventure that transports visitors into a reconstructed 3,000 m2 tomb. Over 1,000 pieces, meticulously reproduced under the supervision of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Antiquities, are presented for the first time, offering a captivating glimpse into the heritage and cultural wealth of ancient Egypt.

From February 3, 2024, Galeries Montparnasse opens its doors to a fascinating experience where history and play merge. Armed with a roadbook, visitors tour the Antechamber, the Annexe, the Funerary Chamber and, finally, the Treasure Room. At each stage, riddles stimulate curious minds, enabling participants to solve mysteries and gain access to the ultimate room. The resounding success of previous exhibitions, such as Tutankhamun's, which attracted 1.5 million visitors, testifies to the appeal of these cultural experiences that combine entertainment and learning.

Every detail of the exhibition is carefully orchestrated to offer an authentic immersion in ancient Egypt. The four reconstructed rooms - the Antechamber, the Annexe, the Burial Chamber and the Treasure Chamber - are inhabited by characters who actually rubbed shoulders with Howard Carter in 1922. From hieroglyphic experts to mummification specialists, visitors enjoy a sensory and visual experience, plunging back in time to 1922.

The experience doesn't end with the discovery of the treasure. An innovation awaits visitors at the end of the game: a 140 m2 mapping room, using new-generation LEDs, transports participants into the 12 doors of the Book of the Dead. A visual and sensory experience that transcends expectations, marking a new chapter in the theatricalization of culture.

Tutankhamun, though he reigned briefly, remains an eternal symbol of ancient Egypt. His tomb, preserved from the ravages of time and looting, offers a fascinating insight into the daily life and funerary rituals of the 18th dynasty. The solid gold funerary mask and the treasures found there continue to captivate and stimulate the collective imagination, transcending the ages to enlighten our modern world on the grandeur of the past.

France, already committed to preserving Egypt's heritage through projects such as the restoration of the Abu Simbel temple, is once again strengthening its ties with Egypt through this major exhibition. The close collaboration between the French and Egyptian teams guarantees a faithful and respectful representation of Egyptian history, while offering an exceptional experience to the French public.

For further information and to book your tickets, please visit the official exhibition website: www.toutankhamon-immersive.fr. A unique opportunity to explore ancient Egypt in all its splendor, without leaving Paris.

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Practical information :
Tutankhamun, the Pharaonic immersive experience
From February 3, 2024
Galeries Montparnasse, 22 rue du Départ, 75 015 Paris
Price: Full price: 32€ - Reduced price: 30€ - Children's rate: 28€ - Free for under-4s
Ticket office: https://www.ticketmaster.fr/fr/resultat/idtier/37411845?ipSearch=toutankhamon
Running time: approx. 90 minutes

Video : Sabine Chevrier / Mulderville
Photos : Boris Colletier / Mulderville