Serie - Poker Society: A Revolution in Poker and Entertainment by Winamax TV and DreamSpark 

By Mulder, Paris, l'Entrepot, 29 january 2024

Winamax TV, the famous online poker channel, is teaming up with DreamSpark, a Microsoft initiative, to present a revolution in the world of poker and entertainment. The launch party we were able to cover today showcased this explosive collaboration.

The centerpiece of this bold collaboration is a new YouTube series entitled Poker Society. The series promises a unique fusion of reality TV and poker, with a cast of content creators, streamers and artists accumulating over 50 million followers on social networks.

The cast includes Nicocapone, comedian and digital creator, Skyyart, strategy game streamer, Kelly Cruz, digital creator and tile maker, Kalash Criminel, artist, Tristan, extreme challenge youtuber, Lyegaia, multigaming streamer, Hyconiq, hip-hop youtuber, Areliann, e-sport streamer, Zouloux, multigaming streamer, and Klaim, tactical shooting youtuber.

Poker Society promises to be a true French Squid Game, combining physical and mental challenges, alliances, betrayals and, of course, poker tables. In a mysterious setting, a disused hangar is transformed into an arena for this unprecedented event. The ten participants will face off in a one-of-a-kind poker tournament, with an impressive €100,000 prize at stake.

The meeting that followed the screening of the first two episodes also highlighted Winamax TV's ongoing commitment to innovation and passion for the game. The channel offers poker and sports betting fans an unprecedented immersive experience, broadcasting live thrilling tournaments, strategic analysis, and exclusive programs hosted by poker experts and sports personalities.

Winamax TV stands out for its commitment to interactivity, allowing viewers to participate live via online chat, ask questions of poker professionals, and share their reactions in real time. This unique approach creates a global community of passionate players.

This fruitful collaboration promises to redefine entertainment standards, combining the worlds of poker, reality TV and technology to create an unforgettable experience. Stay tuned for more information on the "Poker Society" series and other innovative projects from Winamax TV and DreamSpark.

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Photos and video : Boris Colletier / Mulderville