Parc-Asterix - Oziris : A Mythical Sojourn into Ancient Thrills at Parc Astérix

By Mulder, Plailly, Parc Asterix, 09 december 2023

The Oziris attraction, the crown jewel of France's Parc Astérix, is a thrilling adventure that transports visitors into the mystical world of ancient Egypt. Inaugurated in 2012, this inverted roller coaster quickly won the hearts of thrill-seekers thanks to its captivating theme, unique elements and unrivalled intensity.

From the moment they enter the Oziris theme zone, visitors are immersed in a spellbinding atmosphere. The queue itself is an experience, with meticulously designed backdrops, mysterious hieroglyphs and imposing statues evoking the Pharaonic era. Every detail contributes to creating total immersion, arousing visitors' curiosity even before they climb aboard.

The adventure begins as visitors take their seats aboard Oziris. The initial ascent offers a panoramic view of the park, creating a palpable sense of anticipation. This anticipation culminates in a vertiginous descent, catapulting passengers into a whirlwind of emotions. This is the beginning of a series of striking elements that make Oziris a memorable experience.

What sets Oziris apart is its ingenious design and daring inversions. Spectacular loops and tight turns defy gravity, delivering unparalleled adrenaline. The special feature of this roller coaster is that passengers are suspended beneath the track, adding a unique dimension to the experience. The sensation of flying is intensified, offering visitors an almost aerial experience.

Oziris' fluid ride is a work of art in itself. Inclined turns, fast twists and moments of weightlessness alternate harmoniously, creating a sequence of extreme sensations. Speed and centrifugal force intertwine to create a dynamic and unforgettable experience.

The integration of Oziris with the surrounding landscape is another impressive aspect. The designers have succeeded in marrying the mechanical excitement of the attraction with the natural beauty of Parc Astérix. The turns and descents adapt organically to the terrain, creating a symbiosis between daring adventure and the natural environment.

Oziris is not just a roller coaster, but a complete experience. From immersion in an enchanting theme to the sheer excitement of innovative ride elements, every aspect of this attraction is carefully thought out to deliver a captivating adventure. Whether you're a thrill-seeking rollercoaster enthusiast or a lover of history and well-realized themes, Oziris at Parc Asterix is an unmissable experience that transports you on a mythical journey at every turn, leaving lasting memories etched in the minds of those who dare to venture aboard.

Photos and video : Boris Colletier