Exhibition - A Magical Evening at the Grévin Museum : The Inauguration of the Wax Statue of Jane Goodall

By Mulder, Paris, Musée Grévin, 01 december 2023

Tonight, the Grévin museum was transformed into a place of exceptional celebration at the inauguration of the wax statue of Jane Goodall, an evening that transcended the ordinary to become a captivating ode to the life and work of the famous British ethologist and anthropologist.

The evening began in a solemn atmosphere, illuminated by the inspiring presence of Jane Goodall herself. In the majestic Hall of Columns, she shared the revolutionary beginnings of her career, plunging the audience into the depths of the rainforest in Tanzania's Gombe Stream National Park. Her captivating anecdotes of early interactions with wild chimpanzees shed an intimate light on her pioneering years of study.

The wax statue, enthroned alongside a baby chimpanzee, embodies the very essence of Jane Goodall as intrepid researcher and defender of wildlife. Every meticulous detail captured the lit expression of her eyes, revealing an unwavering passion for understanding our primate cousins and preserving their natural habitat.

The unique energy of the room vibrated as the audience absorbed every word Goodall spoke. The tribute, much more than a simple inauguration, plunged deep into the humanitarian and environmental ideals that have defined her career. The applause resounded like a standing ovation for a life dedicated to research, education and concrete action for the preservation of nature.

Part of the proceeds from the December box office will be dedicated to the Jane Goodall Institute, underlining the Grévin museum 's commitment to environmental causes. This tangible gesture amplifies the message beyond the museum walls, reminding visitors that every admission contributes to the preservation of biodiversity.

The evening offered visitors a rare opportunity to ask Jane Goodall questions in a Q&A session, creating a personal bond between the icon and her audience. These informal exchanges added a human dimension to the wax statue, transforming an artistic representation into a lively and educational experience.

The event culminated in lively discussions between guests and Jane Goodall, extending the spirit of the evening well beyond its scheduled hours. The conversations reflected the depth of the ceremony's impact and the power of art to spark dialogue and inspiration.

The statue of Jane Goodall, now open to the public, offers a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the enduring legacy of this iconic figure. The Musée Grévin, true to its tradition of honoring exceptional individuals, thus adds a powerful voice to its exhibition, reminding everyone that, through art, we can celebrate the past and inspire the future. The ceremony was much more than a simple unveiling; it was an invitation to explore and perpetuate the legacy of Jane Goodall, a woman who changed the world.

You can see our photos of the photocall, the wax statue and the ceremony on our Flickr page.

Photos and videos: Boris Colletier / Mulderville

(Source : press release)