Inauguration - Paw Patrol enters Grévin Paris Museum for their 10 years

By Sabine, Musée Grévin, 15 november 2023

It was a beautiful and happy family evening to celebrate the entry of the PAW Patrol into the Grévin Museum. Kids and their parents walked on the red carpet to settle into the museum's magnificent theater, a place where special events, shows and candlelit concerts take place on Saturdays. At the entrance, they were given plushes and toys of their favorite dogs: Stella, Rocky, Marcus, Chase, Ruben, and Zuma. The children were able to discover a new episode of Paw Patrol and sang the song at the end.

The French team announced good news. Thanks to the success of the Super Patrol movie a third film is in preparation by Paramount, NickelOdeon Movies and Spin Master Entertainment. New episodes and a serie about Ruben are also in progress and broadcast on Nickel Odeon, TF1 and Paramount +. Finally, the theme of the next show will be Pirates and Paw Patrol. The huge success for this animated tv series was unexpected in 2013. Created by Keith Chapman, in Canada, distributed first in Canada then in the United States, it is now  translated and distributed in more than 160 countries.This success is due to these funny, endearing characters, all different, but all united. The series transmits values ​​of positivity, tolerance, respect for difference, and mutual aid. In these troubled times, we really need it.

The 10th anniversary of the Paw Patrol was celebrated on stage, as it should be, with a birthday cake, to the great joy of the children, delighted to see these mascots, with whom they were then able to take photos. The children were then able to discover the colorful scenery of Grande Vallée and sit on Ryder's iconic Quad. The vehicles in the series fascinate children. They contributed to the success of the series. This space was presented to us by the Paramount team and the director of the Grévin Museum, who poses here for the photo. The sculptures of these dogs are larger than life thanks to the PRELUD company, which took care of every detail. The Paw Patrol joins the squirrel Scrat, Sophie La Giraffe, LadyBug and Cat Noir from Miraculous.

While walking through the Grévin museum to access the cocktail, parents and children were able to discover the new celebrities who came to expand the collection such as Denis Brogniart, Antoine Griezmann, Audrey Fleurot, Antoine Dupont, Frédéric Michalak, -M- (Matthieu Chedid) , and Luc Plamondon. These recent additions reflect the museum's ongoing commitment to staying in step with cultural developments and new prominent figures in the media and arts scene.

The Grévin Museum, founded in 1882 by the journalist Arthur Meyer and the sculptor Alfred Grévin, remains a cultural jewel of Paris. Its impressive collection of wax statues, representing historical, political, artistic and cultural figures, attests to its status as a world-renowned museum. In addition to the sculptures, visitors can enjoy interactive exhibits and thematic settings that add an immersive dimension to their experience.

Paw Patrol's entry into the Grévin Museum enriches children's experience with adventures and dogs charm. Whether for fans of the animated series, history buffs or curious people from all walks of life, the Grévin Museum continues to captivate and surprise, offering an unforgettable getaway to the heart of culture and celebrity. For more information on schedules, exhibitions, and special events, visit

Pictures : Sabine Chevrier / Mulderville